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One thing that I used to do on this blog was share a weekly menu plan. I stopped doing it some time ago but lately have been thinking of returning to sharing a weekly menu plan at least temporarily.  One question that is often asked of me in ‘real life’ is “what do you eat”. I think the concept of a real food diet is so unusual to people that they are sure we must be eating something exotic or completely unusual at each meal. Truthfully, our meals are very similar to what we ate on a Standard American Diet (SAD) but we try to start with higher quality ingredients and may use different preparation methods.  We rarely eat anything exotic! Simple is usually the name of the game.

I don’t usually plan breakfasts and lunches. For this week, at least, I’m going to add in breakfasts. Lunches are usually leftovers from dinner the night before or whatever can be scrounged up so aren’t planned.  It is WARM right now in Wyoming so we’ll be enjoying meals that won’t totally heat up the house. Early in the week I’ll cook up a couple of small roasts (one venison and one antelope) and a pinto beans in the crock pots and a big pot of rice. Those will be the basis of our meals for several days. My friend Wardeh at GNOWFGLINS has several great posts on how she does these style of meals often, check out this post. I’ll also do some baking early in the week to get that out of the way. I’ll do that right before bed which isn’t ideal for sleeping but better than mid-day.  We don’t have an air conditioner but the ceiling fans and move-able fans help alot with keeping things somewhat cool.



Brunch- Egg scramble

Dinner- Beef and Broccoli Skillet Dinner

To do: make yogurt, make kefir


Breakfast- Butterscotch Oatmeal

Dinner- Burritos (roast, beans and rice) and salad

To do: cook pinto beans (crock pot), cook roasts (crock pot), cook rice (rice cooker),  mix up no-knead bread,  make sandwich bread, make muffins


Breakfast- Muffins and milk

Dinner- Taco Salad


Breakfast- Toast and eggs

Dinner- Skillet Dinner (out of the roast and rice)


Breakfast- Muesli

Dinner- Navajo Tacos (use 1/2 pound of beef and save the rest of Saturday night)


Breakfast- Yogurt Parfait

Dinner- Fried fish, potatoes, salad


Breakfast- Sourdough Waffles

Dinner- Pizza

What are you eating this week?

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