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Sprouted LentilsI hope you are having a terrific Monday! We had a great and very productive weekend.  We finished putting in the garden, planted a few small trees, and put some grass seed in a bare spot.  Now that the garden is in our focus will be on fixing more of the bare spots in our yard. We have 2 acres  in native prairie grass with plenty of bare spots. We’re filling in with a combination of  grass, grain and legumes. We are hoping that the grains and the legumes will grow well enough to become animal feed and also cover crop to improve the soil.

We also had a nice little addition to our place over the weekend.  Our mama hen hatched out two little chicks. So far they stay under mama whenever we go around so I haven’t been able to get a picture.  Trust me when I tell you they are adorable.

You might have read my post from the other day about how we are going to start trying to keep track of how much food we are able to produce or forage for ourselves.  We would love to be able to avoid commercial grocery stores and get all of our food from our own efforts of other local farmers/ranchers and co-op situations.  At this point, we are no where near this goal.  Since we just finished putting in our garden we are not yet eating out of it. However, we did have a handful of radish, turnip and beet thinnings we put on our sandwiches the other day so we have had something out of the garden. 😉  Here is an article from someone who is also keeping track of what she produces. She has a goal of harvesting 4000 pounds of food from her garden this year! She harvested 26 pounds plus 74 eggs in the week she shared.  Pretty spectacular.

This week we’re eating out of our food storage and our freezer along with adding in some fresh produce (I’ll shop again on Thursday). We’ll also be eating quite a bit of eggs this week since the chickens and ducks are laying well.  I share our simple suppers. For breakfast we often have something from this list. Lunches are usually leftovers or whatever can be scrounged up including ideas here.


Sunday- hot dogs & salad

Monday- lentil & rice salad

Tuesday- lentil & rice patties with yogurt dressing, brocolli

Wednesday- Frittata made with leftover lentils & rice plus any veggies hanging out in the fridge

Thursday- Design a Crock Pot Dish using antelope stew meat (from my eBook), sides to be determined

Friday- Sun Oven baked chicken, sides to be determined

Saturday- Egg salad sandwiches, pickled carrots


What’s on your menu this week?

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