Menu Plan Week of March 31

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Menu Plan Week of March 31-homespunoasis.comSpring in Wyoming.  Saturday was a perfect example of a spring like day for here. We woke up to rain. A little bit later that rain become a sleet/hail type thing. Then we had big fat snowflakes. That kept up until around noon time. Once it stopped it suddenly warmed up and everything melted rather quickly so we had mud puddles and very sticky icky mud. It was quite a day. My ducks thought it was the best day ever. The loved the rain, they hid from the sleet/hail but then once the snow started they were out playing in it. When the snow stopped and we had mud puddles they were in duck heaven. Mud puddles are very much like little mini ponds.  I had some happy ducks!

We were supposed to go to Joe’s parent’s house for the weekend but our little boy came down with a cold on Thursday.  He was feeling pretty sick on Friday and a good part of the day on Saturday then started to turn the corner.  I mixed up some Fire Water for him (Master Tonic with a little honey added in) he absolutely loved it.  I was surprised by that but glad. It really seemed to help.  Since we couldn’t go on our visit we plan to go either this coming weekend or the following.  I’m leaving my Saturday evening menu plan blank since I suspect we’ll be gone.

I mentioned in my March Health and Wellness post that I’m going to start working through Adrenal Fatigue Solutions- 90 Day Plan to Improve Adrenal Function by Pat Robinson.  Coincidentally, Pat Robinson is having a 14 Day Green Smoothie Challenge as part of her Heal Thyself facebook group beginning on April 1.  The nutrients provided in Green Smoothies are an important part of the Adrenal Fatigue Solutions and also the week 1 focus. That worked out rather well!  I have to admit that I’ve been wary of non-cooked greens due to the oxalate levels. Many people, such as my friend KerryAnn of Cooking Traditional Foods, have problems with oxalates. Check out this excellent post from KerryAnn breaking down the problem.  I don’t think any of us have a problem with oxalates. We’ll do the 14 day challenge and then go from there.  The smoothie challenge is not designed to replace regular food with smoothies but to have a smoothie in addition to regular food.

This week our Stretchy Bean is Lentils.  I started chicken broth yesterday from a couple of chicken s. Each year at processing time we cut some of our chickens up and divide. This helps with everything fitting in our freezer. We save the carcasses to use for broth. After the carcass has cooked in the crock pot for six hours or more, I pull the meat that remained on the carcass off. We use this meat in a casserole, soups or to make a chicken salad.  There is a surprising amount of meat left on the carcass. We freeze two carcasses together (and cook together) from the two I get around two cups of meat. It is certainly not the most attractive meat but it is delicious.

I’m gone both Monday and Tuesday evenings this week. Joe can make breakfast burritos for Monday night and I’ll do a crock pot dinner for Tuesday.

Menu PlanMenu Plan Week of March 31-

Brunch- Poached duck eggs and sauteed greens topped with hollandaise sauce, almond bread
Dinner- Chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, asparagus and artichokes

Breakfast- Green smoothie, almond bread
Dinner- Breakfast burritos

Breakfast- Green smoothie, eggs in marinara
Dinner-  Design a Crock Pot Dish (from my ebook, Design a Dish)

Breakfast- Green smoothie, muffins
Dinner- Majadareh (I make this different than the recipe, read this post for details), green salad with lemon dressing, yogurt

Breakfast- Green smoothie, muffins (I’ll make a double batch so we also have muffins for tomorrow)
Dinner- Sprouted Lentil Soup (something like this), chicken salad over greens

Breakfast- Green smoothie, eggs and toast
Dinner- Sprouted Lentil Salad

Breakfast- Green smoothie (before leaving for Joe’s parent’s house)

Do you menu plan? What’s on your menu for the week?

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