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curry-300x214I didn’t put up a menu plan last week. I actually didn’t even make a menu plan.  Last weekend we went up to my sister’s house to celebrate our daughter’s (both hers and mine) graduations.  My niece graduated on Sunday and then on Monday we all came down to our house for my girl’s graduation.  Not taking time to menu plan over the weekend resulted in my not taking the time during the week. I only worked part of a day on Monday so spent Tuesday and Wednesday catching up on work. Everything kind of snow balled. I think we still must have eaten last week but I don’t actually remember any of the meals except for a stir fry one night made out of  leftover veggies. Oh well.

This week is a new week!

Yesterday (Sunday) I pulled out my Sun Oven.  I didn’t use it over the winter mainly due to wind instead of lack of sun. We do have many sunny winter days and even with the sun lower the oven still works. My challenge is when the wind comes up the reflectors start blowing around and I fear they will sail off.  When I want to use my Sun Oven I do so on days that are not forecast as windy. And I only use it when I’m sticking around the house so if the wind does come up I can go rescue it.  Yesterday I made a delicious Sprouted Honey

My Girls

My Girls

Baked Lentil dish in the Sun Oven for lunch.  It cooked up super quick and turned out very good.  Our little boy liked it so much he asked for seconds.  If the wind cooperates I intend to cook in the oven as often as possible this summer.

We are going up to Joe’s parents house after Joe gets off work on Friday.  I’ll make sandwiches to have on the road Friday night and we’ll eat with Joe’s folks on Saturday and Sunday arriving back home Sunday evening.

My freezer is starting to empty out. We are almost completely out of antelope and venison. We do have several whole chickens, one package of chicken breasts,  a couple of stewing ducks and a guinea in there plus a fair amount of ground beef and a couple of bags of trout.  I think I have a lone package of goat meat in the side by side freezer.  This week I’ll start moving the meats out of the chest freezer and over to the side by side. This helps me stay focused on what I have available.

Menu Plan

Sunday- Hamburger and cabbage gravy over rice.

Monday- Sprouted Lentil Salad

Tuesday- Sun Oven Baked Chicken, scalloped tomatoes, glazed carrots

Wednesday- Chicken Divan (made from leftover baked chicken), sides tbd

Thursday- Venison stew meat (cooked in the Sun Oven) and turned into a curry like this, sides tbd

Friday- Venison stew meat turned into meat spread for sandwiches.

Saturday- Joe’s folks


What’s on your menu this week?

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