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Last week’s menu plan ended up with a few slight changes.  Mainly Friday night’s Taco Soup. When it was time to make Taco Soup I just didn’t feel like having Taco Soup that night!  Instead we had something similar; hamburger patties, sauteed greens, corn bread and black bean soup (a super tasty soup from Nourishing Traditions). For some reason, that dinner hit the spot in a much better way than Taco Soup would have. I can’t explain it since it is actually almost the same ingredients (hamburger, beans) just in a different form.  Our plans for Saturday changed so I did not do the lentils and make the Ethiopian Lentils– they’ll be back on this week’s menu.

Schedule for the Week

This week the girls and Joe are home Wednesday through Sunday. Five days! We have plans to be quite busy over those five days. Several months ago we started doing a little painting and updating in the house. We’ve painted the kitchen and the entry way. Over this long weekend we plan to paint the family room (which is not actually used as a family room but instead my office), dining room and living room (what we actually use as the family room). We are also taking up the carpet that covers everything– yes, even the kitchen is carpeted– and putting in new flooring.  Following all that, new shelving is being added.  I’m excited to see what the finished space will be like.  As a result of this little re-do, we won’t be cooking Thanksgiving dinner here. At the moment our plans are still not finalized. We’ll either go out or go over to my daughter’s house. My daughter did say that she is not making a turkey so if we go there, I’ll be taking the main dish.

Because of our planned house re-do, I’m trying to get the bulk of my work done before Wednesday. I work from home as a bookkeeper and virtual assistant (VA). This does give me some flexibility. I have certain things that need to be accomplished each week on a certain time schedule. This week is actually a pretty exciting week– one of my VA clients is re-launching their website. They have been working on getting it set up for a couple of months now and in celebration of the re-launch they are having giveaways (two products each day) all this week (except Thursday). On Friday they will not only be doing giveaways but also have a sale at their online store.  Visit this post and this post to see today’s giveaways– check back at their blog each day for the new giveaways–they are giving away a copy of their book each day along with another item!

Menu Plan

As result of this week’s schedule our menu will be very simple. Oh wait, our menu plan is simple every week!  As usual, I’ll be utilizing Stretchy Meals. I’ll make a big pot of bean (red beans this week) and cook a roast. Those will be the basis for several days of meals. Friday I’ll make almond bread or corn bread to have with dinner that night and over the weekend plus I’ll start a crock of soup before bed on Friday for Saturday’s meals.  Doing meals this way helps me tremendously.  On a side note, my food dehydrator will be working overtime starting today. Our Azure Standard order arrived yesterday (last one until spring) and I have 100 pounds of fruit. We’ll eat some of it fresh (as much as we can), I’ll dehydrate a large amount of it and ferment a few jars worth.

Brunch- Eggs, sourdough toast, fruit
Supper- Joe cooked! Chicken fried antelope, fried potatoes, green salad with homemade ‘house’ dressing
To Do: Start soup bones, soak oats, soak beans, feed up starter

Breakfast- Oatmeal with butter and homemade applesauce (soak extra oats for tomorrow)
Lunch- leftover antelope
Dinner- Red Kidney Beans (Rajma) and rice, flat bread, sauteed greens
To Do: AM soak rice, make bread

Breakfast- Oatmeal Custard
Lunch- Leftover rajma
Dinner- Roast beef, potatoes, carrots, beets
To Do:

Breakfast-Yogurt Parfait
Lunch- YOYO (Your On Your Own)
Dinner- Southwestern Haystacks (something like this, made with leftover roast beef, red beans)
To Do: Shop for long weekend as needed, start french toast before bed, soak lentils to sprout

Brunch- Creme Brulee French Toast (based on this recipe but altered slightly)
Dinner- Out
To Do: lentil sprouts

Breakfast-Eggs and toast
Lunch-Salmon salad sandwiches
Dinner- Chili with almond bread or corn bread
To Do: lentil sprouts, put Ethiopian lentils in crock pot to start before bed

Breakfast- Baked oatmeal
Lunch- Sprouted Ethiopian lentils (from Simple Food for Winter which I purchased recently in this bundle)
Dinner- leftovers

What’s on your menu this week?

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Note: I shared the information about Nature Had It First and their website relaunch and giveaways above. While one of the authors at Nature Had It First is a Virtual Assistant client of mine, I am not an employee of Nature Had It First.  I do not receive any compensation for sharing the giveaway, website or anything else about NHIF with you.  I’m sharing with you because I am excited about the re-launch (it has been alot of work for all involved), the giveaways and the important information about autoimmune disease being shared at Nature Had It First. One of the wonderful things about being a self-employed Virtual Assistant is choosing who I do work for.  I am very fortunate to have some awesome clients. If you are one of my VA clients please know how honored I am to have you as a client!

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