Menu Plan Week of November 25

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On Saturday at 6AM I fly out to go to spend a few days working in Oregon. I’m a bookkeeper/office manage/virtual assistant for a shop on the Oregon coast.  I’ll actually be able to spend Saturday with my oldest daughter that lives outside of Portland and then drive to the coast on Sunday.  The rest of my family will be at home ‘fending for themselves’.  Well, sort of.  I will prepare a few items in advance for them and pick up a few ‘special’ foods from the store.  I’ll be gone from Saturday until Thursday and I don’t anticipate them having enough prepared items for the entire time so there will be a little fending for themselves.

Since I’m flying to Oregon this time I won’t be taking along too much foodwise for myself. I haven’t actually flown for nearly five years and I wouldn’t be doing it now if I didn’t have to go back and wasn’t comfortable driving that distance this time of the year.  I like driving so I can take food along.  I will take a few simple things but will rely on stopping at a market to buy most of my stuff on the way to the beach.  I’ll have a rental car so that will be convenient. And I’m staying in an apartment above the shop which has a full kitchen. Also very convenient.  I plan to take along dry goods in small baggies like crispy nuts, coconut, oatmeal, rice pasta and other things that can be the basis for meals. I’ll buy yogurt and the best quality meats I can in Oregon.

Brunch- Some kind of egg thing made by Kiki that was delicious
Supper- Sprouted Ethiopian Lentils (Simple Food for Winter— but cooked on the stove-top), green salad
To Do: Start soup bones

Breakfast- Oatmeal with butter and homemade applesauce (oatmeal reheated from a few days ago)
Lunch- Leftover lentils
Dinner- meatloaf, mashed potatoes, sauteed greens
To Do: make bread, make muffins, soak peas then start split pea soup in crock pot before bed

Breakfast- muffins
Lunch- Split pea soup
Dinner- Sweet potato, carrot and apple soup (based on this recipe)
To Do:

Breakfast-Yogurt Parfait
Lunch- Split pea soup
Dinner- Spaghetti squash with sauce
To Do: make yogurt, soak oats

Breakfast- oatmeal
Lunch- Split pea soup
Dinner- Baked potatoes with broccoli and cheese sauce
To Do: shopping

Breakfast-Eggs and toast
Lunch- Split pea soup
Dinner- Baked potato soup
To Do:  cook roast and other things for the family to have while I’m gone.

Breakfast- Baked oatmeal
Assorted items made and purchased for everyone to help themselves to while I am out of town

What’s on your menu this week?


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