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I used to share my menu plans almost weekly. I have to admit, having my menu plan written out here was a big help for me. I do write it out on paper too but putting it here allowed me to put any links to recipes in which I found to be quite beneficial. I stopped putting my menu plans up when things got crazy for me. And to be honest, my menu planning suffered after that. So for this week, I’ll share what we are eating. I’m not sure I’ll go back to weekly menus since I don’t want to add that pressure onto myself of having to post a menu plan.

I have a somewhat busy work week ahead. My home based business promises to fill many hours this week. I have been unable to fulfill my main information update contract while my equipment was being tested. I got the go ahead yesterday to resume operations which means I have two weeks of catching up to do. My bookkeeping job is also slated for a busy week with this being payroll week and all of the fun end of the month/beginning of the month needs. Plus with December almost here, I start tax prep stuff. December, January, February and early March are my busiest times of the year for my bookkeeping position.

We are still trying to use many of the GAPS principals but are not actually doing GAPS any longer. We are still trying to go light on grains but are adding in things like rice and sourdough along with other non GAPS items like white and sweet potatoes plus pinto beans. We are really trying to keep our meals focused on good quality proteins and broths. Fresh vegetables are a bit light this week until I shop on Thursday. We do have plenty of butternut squash, acorn squash, cabbage and carrots along with both white and sweet potatoes but no real green veggies. We do have plenty of fruit in the form of apples, oranges and kiwi. For our bread needs I’ve been making coconut flour bread most weeks with plans to begin to alternate that with sourdough but I do not want to get back into the habit of relying on ‘bread’ for our food needs.

When I was making a menu plan for the week I was still feeling pretty full from all of our Thanksgiving leftovers so for menu planning inspiration I looked at some of our old menu plans and also a couple of menu planning services I have used. Cooking Traditional Foods was the first service I used when we were just beginning Real Food. This is a very economical gluten free planning service and some of our favorite meals today are recipes I got from those menu plans. I also subscribed to Health, Home & Happiness grain free planner for a few months which has given me some excellent grain free meal options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks each day.

Breakfasts tend to be quick and easy. The girls get on the school bus at 6:30AM so their breakfast is quick. Usually Yogurt parfaits or some kind of bread/muffin (coconut flour bread lately). I often work early in the mornings on my bookkeeping job so Joe, Christopher and I have some kind of soup (a great thing we started while doing GAPS), eggs, yogurt parfait or smoothies which are very easy to put together.

Lunches are interesting. Kiki and Lulu take a cold lunch but because of their school needs it is a brown bag lunch with only throw away items in it. I have to admit that packing that kind of lunch is a bit challenging. Without a cold pack we are careful to pack shelf stable items. Often times lunch is jerky, nuts, cheese and a granola bar. Joe takes a lunch that he can reheat usually leftovers from dinner or breakfast soup. Christopher and I eat whatever we scrounge up in the kitchen 🙂

Dinners for the week are listed below;

Sunday- Venison Stew
Monday- Chicken Fry venison, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn
Tuesday- Butternut Squash Soup, Oriental Crock Pot Chicken (Cooking TF Menu mailer), apple and orange slices
Wednesday- Pinto Beans, sauteed onions, rice, sauteed cabbage
Thursday- Bean and cheese burritos (on sourdough tortillas) with kimchee and veggie TBD
Friday- 7 Layer Tortilla Pie (based on this), sides TBD
Saturday- Orange Crockpot Beef (Cooking TF Menu mailer), sides TBD
What is on your menu for the week? Do you have a favorite way of keeping yourself on track for meals/menu plans?

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