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Black BeansIt’s been several weeks since I posted a menu plan. Not only have I not posted a plan, but I haven’t really been making menu plans.

I did make a plan when we went up to our new property over Labor Day. I kind of had to since we have to take any food with us that we plan on eating. It is a half of an hour to a real grocery store. There is a small bar/restaurant/convenience store about ten minutes away but the food selections are limited. We did go there for burgers one evening and they were pretty good.  And I bought butter and ice in the convenience store.

Not making a menu plan does cause me a fair amount of stress around meal times. I really don’t operate well without a plan in place. Add in the fact that I’ve been pretty busy over the past few weeks and that is really not good. I’ve taken on a few more duties, most days I need to pick up Lulu from cheer practice, and I’ve added a new leg to my home business. This week our little boy is starting a one time per week science school so that adds another thing.

This week I’ve got my menu plan put together so I’m ahead of the game. 🙂 But I’m also going to be working on getting back into some other good organizational practices that I’ve let slip. It seems things just sort of snowballed and before I realized it things were getting out of control. Not terribly bad but enough that it is adding stress that I can feel.  Blah. I don’t want that!

We are supposed to have slightly cooler weather this week. It’s been in the 90’s but should be down in the 80’s. That is still warm (we don’t have air conditioning) but better.  This year’s garden is the best we’ve had since moving to Wyoming. While still nothing to write home about we are pretty happy with it. We’re eating tomatoes, carrots and potatoes plus the occasional zucchini. We have beet greens and Swiss chard ready also.  We’ve also been getting some great produce at the farmers market. Because it’s been so hot, I bought our bread at the farmers market this week. I can tell you that is not something we can afford too often! It’s good bread, and the ingredients are better than most, but at $5 a loaf that is a chunk of change.

We’ll have black beans this week as our Stretchy Bean. It’s been awhile since we’ve had beans (other than lentils) on the menu. Beans seem more cold weather fare. And even though it isn’t yet cold it seems time to break out the black beans. I’ll be cooking up a couple of chicken carcasses to make broth for cooking the beans in. The chicken picked off the carcass will become Chicken Divan. And a second batch of broth will go to the Taco Soup plus some for the fridge to use as needed. It does still seem too hot for broth! But the nutrition can’t be beat.

Menu Plan

Sunday- Trout Chowder with sourdough bread
Monday- Swiss Chard Crepes Bernoise (this recipe only using the chard from our garden instead of spinach), corn
Tuesday- Black Bean Rice Bowls with sauteed greens
Wednesday- Chicken Divan with sauteed squash
Thursday- Stuffed Burritos
Friday- Taco Soup with corn bread
Saturday- Leftovers

What’s on your menu this week? Are you harvesting from your garden?


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