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>We had a beautiful weekend and were able to accomplish quite a bit outside. If you would like to see some of the stuff we are working on here take a look at this post at my family blog. We are expecting thunder storms off and on starting this evening and running until Wednesday so I’m hoping to get a few more outside things done before the rains start. I’d better get cracking!


B- Eggs and sausage
L- Egg Salad Sandwiches and Bili Bi Soup
D- Venison Roast (cooked like this Brisket), roasted potatoes, sweet potato,and carrot


B- Toast with peanut butter
D- Venison and Barley soup, green salad, sourdough bread

To Do: Early AM- soak barley, soak muffins. Make yogurt, buttermilk


B- Muffins
D- Ground Beef Tacos (sourdough tortillas, shredded cabbage, cheese), Spanish Rice, Coritido

To Do: Early AM- Soak tortillas, soak rice


B- Yogurt Parfait
D-Leftover Tortillas topped with Black Bean Spread (frozen black beans from a previous week), green salad

To Do: Start Bread, Put oatmeal to soak before bed


B- Soaked oatmeal
D- Spinach Crepes Bernoise, green salad

To Do: Early AM- start crepes to soak


B- Eggs and Toast
D- To Be Determined

To Do: Put cornmeal on to soak, soak muffins


B- Cornmeal mush, muffins
L- Leftovers
D- Trout, scalloped potatoes, green salad

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