Menu Week of April 13 & April 20

We had some excitement over the weekend. Our Peanut goat had kids. She had them around 8 Saturday morning. I was outside getting my dog that escaped from the backyard when I heard Peanut making noise. I looked over and could see that one of the babes was part way out. I got the dog put away, grabbed a towel and went over to the pen. The came out right when I got there. I wiped it’s mouth/noses and within a minute or two a second babe was on it’s way out.  About 10 minutes later the third (and final) little one came out. Other than me wiping the noses my involvement was nil. This was Peanuts second kidding and she did great. It was the first time she’d kidded since we’ve got her. Last fall three of our other gals had babes but not Peanut.

Peanut and her babies

The white one is a little boy and the other two are girls. Sorry the picture is so blurry, Kiki took it on her iPad in low light with squirmy baby goats. Not a good combination. I’m glad Peanut had the babies on Saturday. It was a beautiful day. She had the babes outside in the pen. Shortly after they were born I took her and the little’s to the ‘nursery’.  We put our portable pen in our garage so mom and babies can have some privacy. Sunday it snowed the entire day so the garage pen was a good place for the babies. Everyone else was locked up in the barn (a 10 x 10 shed for the girls and a the boys have a separate small shelter in a pen across the yard) to ride out the storm.

We’re coming up on a busy season. Even with the snow we had most days feel like spring. We’ve planted our cold frame boxes and our indoor seedlings. We’re making decisions about baby chicks for the year and looking forward to more baby goats in a couple of  months. We’re also going to be working on a large project up at our new property. I hope to be able to share more about that in the few weeks. Easter weekend we’ll be going up to the property to work on things but also to visit Joe’s parents (they live about 45 minutes from our new place). We’re taking a four day weekend and spending Friday as a “fun day” in addition to travel day. We’re going to detour to the hot springs on the way to Joe’s folks. We’ll get home Monday night and then on Wednesday I start week long temp job (in addition to my regular daily duties) that will keep me quite busy. Just to add to the fun, Joe and I are also taking a permaculture design course online. With the busyness of the next couple of weeks, you should expect this blog to be even quieter than usual.

Because the next couple of weeks will be so busy, I’ve put together a two week menu plan. We’ll have lots of crock pot dishes and several stretchy meals. This week, on Thursday, I’m cooking a roast for dinner and the rest will be used for sandwiches for the weekend along with egg and salmon salads. I’ll also make a macaroni salad and a grain salad to take. We’ll have suppers with Joe’s parents Saturday and Sunday but during the day will be working at the property so the sandwiches will be welcome. I’m planning a super quick meal for Monday night since we’ll be getting home fairly late after driving several hours and I know I won’t want to cook much. Week two will be very easy since that’s when I’m doing the temp job, and the sides are ‘to be determined’ depending on what we pick up at the market. We’ll also be eating lots of eggs since our ducks and chickens are doing a bang up job of laying. I’ll be looking for assorted ways to add those in to the menu including a Chocolate Custard that I made Sunday.


Menu Week of April 13

Sunday – “Bourbon” Antelope (based on this recipe), rice, green salad

Monday –  Crock pot venison creation, sauteed cabbage

Tuesday – Pork chops, scalloped potatoes and glazed carrots

Wednesday –  Indian style venison (based on this recipe), quinoa, green salad

Thursday – Roast beef, quinoa pilaf

Friday – Sandwiches and salads

Saturday – Dinner with Joe’s parents


Menu Week of April 20

Sunday – Easter Dinner with Joe’s parents

Monday –  Creamed tuna over rice, sauteed greens (frozen greens kept on hand for nights like this)

Tuesday – Black bean rice bowls

Wednesday – Crock pot venison hot dish

Thursday – Skillet dish made with leftover beans and venison

Friday – Creamy black bean chili

Saturday – Leftovers

What’s on your menu?

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