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>April is sure flying by. Our Wyoming weather has been interesting. Friday incredibly windy and rainy. Saturday sunny and warm. Sunday cold and snow flakes. This morning was 19 when Joe took the girls to the bus. brrrrr. What will this week bring as far as the weather? It’s always a mystery.

I did change our planned menu a few times last week. Tuesday night we had these yummy sourdough waffles for dinner since there wasn’t enough antelope left from the night before to make a stew (I did use the antelope for lunch, you can see what I did here) and on Friday instead of pizza we had hot dogs. We rarely have hot dogs, they were a nice treat. The challenge is finding hot dogs that have the least offensive ingredients (as far as preservatives, dyes, etc). I did find some that were very tasty, okay ingredient wise and very expensive.

Monday will be a pretty big kitchen day for me but the rest of the week, depending on the weather, I hope to be able to do some work in the garden/yard. I’ll plan easy meals. And you’ll notice that Miss KiKi is having a birthday this weekend. She’ll be 15 (where does the time go?). She hasn’t decided yet if she wants to go out on Saturday or if I’ll make something (probably sushi) at home. I’ll make regular old spaghetti for her for Friday night to extend the celebrations a little bit. She loves spaghetti.

Menu Week of April 25

B- Banana bread (thanks Niki!)

L- leftovers

D- Morrocan Spiced Roasted Chicken, Preserved Lemons, rice, green salad

B- Scrambled eggs and apple slices

D- Chicken Salad over greens

To Do: start chicken broth, make yogurt, make bread, make muffins (start in AM, cook in PM), soak almonds, soak oats

B- Muffins

D- Coconut Chicken Soup, High Enzyme Salad-variation (both recipes from Nourishing Traditions)

To Do: Soak beans, dehydrate almonds and oats

B- Toast, apple slices

D- Majadareh, green salad, yogurt, ginger carrots

B- Yogurt parfait

D- Chicken and Dumplings, sauerkraut

To Do: AM- start dumplings. Make granola bars

B- Granola bars

D- Spaghetti, broccoli and garlic bread (KiKi’s 15th birthday weekend)

To Do: Soak oatmeal

B- Muffins, Butterscotch Oatmeal

L- Leftovers

D- KiKi’s Choice for her 15th Birthday dinner

What’s on your menu for the week? Visit Laura for Menu Plan Monday to see hundreds of other menus.

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