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Spring is on the horizon.  We’re still waking up to snow some mornings but many of the days are quite nice. This weekend we started tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, pumpkin and jalapenos in the house. Joe also planted peas in the garden and got lots of the areas ready for planting when it’s time. Last weekend we planted the three cold frames. Here’s a picture of those from last fall. We were able to get greens out of them until early December which was great. This year we’ll use the cold frames to get greens earlier (in theory) and then plant it mid summer to use as a fall/winter garden.

Menu Week of April 7

Our neighbor raises pigeons. He brought us several bags of processed pigeons earlier in the week and Joe chicken fried them for supper last night. This was the first time we’d have pigeon. It was different than I expected. I’ll have to try it again. Also on the menu this week a beef roast from our CSA, pinto beans and cod.


Sunday – Chicken fry pigeon, mashed potatoes,  & green salad

Monday – Beef roast, baked sweet potatoes, & broccoli

Tuesday –  Pinto beans, rice, sauteed onions, & sauteed cabbage

Wednesday – Naked burritos (leftover roast beef, pintos and rice turned into a new dish)

Thursday – Taco soup (use half pound of ground beef), cornbread

Friday –  Main Dish Cornbread Salad (based on this recipe, sub pinto beans for black eye peas & adding ground beef, leftover cornbread)

Saturday –  Joe cooks – Fried fish, other sides tbd

What’s on your menu this week?


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