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We snuck away Friday for a one night camping trip. It was great. The spot we went was a small six site campground in a national forest just a little under 2 hours from here. The weather was iffy when we got up there with rain but it cleared up. There was a creek running right through the campground which yielded some wonderful brook trout. I’ll admit that I didn’t really want to come home on Saturday!

But now we are back ‘to the grind’ so to speak. Joe is no longer working 4 ten hour shifts and has switched to a five day work week. He’ll work a day shift for the next two weeks and then will switch to his school year shift of 10:30AM to 7PM (which is still kind of a day shift). When the school year is in session, our day starts early since the school bus arrives at 6:30AM. I’m not really looking forward to that.

Our farmers market started last week. I wasn’t able to go but plan on it tonight. I’m not sure how much produce I will find. Our area has had a horrible grasshopper infestation this year and I’ve heard many crops and gardens (including mine) have been devastated. I hope that others have fared better than me and I can get some produce. I have signed up for Preserve the Bounty challenge that Jenny at Nourished Kitchen is doing. Now if I can only find some bounty to preserve… (I do have some red cabbage and carrots from Azure Standard that I’ll be preserving this week).

My menu is looking a little slim this week, I’m not filling in sides since I do not know what I will find at the farmers market tonight. After the market, I’ll pop by the grocery store to complete our food needs.

Week of August 1

B- Eggs and toast
L- burgers
D- Pizza

B- Pancakes (leftover)
D- Roast Beef, Potatoes, Carrots

To Do: make bread, make red cabbage kraut, make ginger carrots

B- Soaked Oatmeal
D- Hamburger Skillet dish

To Do: PM soak split peas, make red cabbage kraut, ginger carrots

B- Corn Meal Mush
D- Peese Porridge, sauerkraut

B- Yogurt parfait
D- Fried chicken

B- Muesli
D- Brown Rice Sushi

B- Sourdough pancakes
L- Tuna patties
D- Chicken fried Venison

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