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I decided not to do a menu plan this week.  Instead, I’m going to wing it and plan the meals each night after supper. I’ll be honest, this type of planning hasn’t really worked for me in the past but I thought it was time to give it another shot. Honestly, it seems a smart way to ‘do meals’ with our No Grocery Shop Challenge this month.  Plus I was feeling pretty lazy on Sunday (when I usually make my menu plan up) and didn’t get around to putting it together. When I halfheartedly asked Sunday evening what people wanted for food this week there were no suggestions. So there you go. No menu plan this week.

I did make a few snack items on Sunday. I made these delicious looking Fruit & Nut Bars. Unfortunately, mine did not look nearly as good and fell apart when I cut into them. But they sure are delicious. I managed to get them divided into small pieces instead of big bars so they’ll work pretty good for snacks. I also made Nut & Fruit balls (kind of like Lara bars) and a gallon of yogurt. Joe made a cake Sunday evening that turned out pretty good. It’s a recipe he’s been playing with to make it a little more ‘healthful’.

Tonight (Monday) I’m making meatloaf for supper along with mashed turnips (from our garden), carrot sticks (garden) and a green salad (greens also from our garden). I’ll also mix up a batch of ‘bucket bread’ from the GNOWFGLINS eCourses (that’s an affiliate link). We’ll see what the rest of the week brings.

No Grocery Store Challenge 300 x214

Challenge Update

Our freezer is getting rather empty. I was happy that my friend gave us some of her ‘weird’ cuts of beef when they received their whole beef order. She gave me a licker and a ticker plus several packages of liver. She also throw in a couple of not weird packages including ground beef, stew meat and round steak. We had the round steak Saturday evening.  We still have a couple of chickens in the freezer and a small amount of wild game.  I’m hoping that we’ll get our CSA order for beef this week. We haven’t had an order for a couple of months. In June I asked to take the month off while we were cleaning out the freezer. In July we never connected.

We are still well stocked on pantry items like beans, grains, canned salmon and the like.  I intended to put an Azure Standard order in this month for a few things but missed the order deadline. I did realize I missed it a few hours prior but was in town at the time and couldn’t ‘shop’ online. I did call a friend who also orders and begged her to add some diatomaceous earth to her order for me. So at least I’ll be getting that (for the goats and the chickens).

Last week went pretty good. A few times I thought about how I’d like to buy *something* but now I can’t even remember what that was.  I did dine out twice last week- once with a girl friend and Joe took me on our end of the summer date.  Lulu pointed out that buying food in a restaurant ought not be allowed in the rules. She is probably right.

This past week we were given a few things- tomatoes, zucchini, beef, and a homemade breakfast casserole (from someone at Joe’s work)

Purchased at the farmers market- onions, zucchini, beets

Purchased at a road side stand- corn

From our garden- potatoes, beet greens, a few tomatoes

Here’s what we ate last week– as best as I can remember. Snacks were simple things like yogurt. I didn’t keep track too terribly good this last week.

Extreme Oatmeal (this is soaked oatmeal cooked with milk, honey and a couple of eggs stirred in)
Lunch with family
On your Own for supper

sourdough bread with peanut butter, milk
lunch- tuna sushi (children) me out with friend
supper- liver, potatoes, beet greens, sliced tomatoes and corn

Fried eggs and sliced tomatoes
fried rice
crock pot chicken, beet greens, sauteed zucchini

Fried eggs and sliced tomatoes
cold rice cereal
homemade pizza

Fried eggs and sliced tomatoes
West African Beef over (rice) elbow pasta, squash and carrots in cream

sourdough toast
Date night for Joe and me, burritos for the children

Breakfast casserole (for brunch)
Round steak, potatoes, fried zucchini


What are you eating this week? Anything from your garden?


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