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School will be starting for Joe (he works for the school district) and Kiki this week. Lulu is doing online school from home this year. So starting Wednesday our days get longer. Kiki has to be on the school bus at 6:30AM. She will get up at 5 to begin the preparations that a 15 year old girl feels are necessary. Breakfast will be around 6AM. Argh. I have sure been enjoying the summer and getting up and leisurely getting around (even though I do often work my bookkeeper job in the early mornings and of course there are chickens and ducks to tend to). With school in session Joe has a later shift. He will start work at 10:30AM and be off at 7PM. It makes for a quite long day. Last year we waited dinner for Joe so we could all eat together but that left the kitchen clean up lasting too late into the evening. So this year we will eat without him Monday-Thursday and just save him a plate. This should work better and with Christopher he is used to eating early now so we will stick with that.

My oldest daughter, Sierra and her SO Rico have been here over a month now. Sierra will stay until about the end of September before she goes back to college for her senior year. She has been working through a temp agency the last few weeks. This weekend they took Kiki and Lulu camping. It has been very quiet at the house without them. Of course, Christopher still keeps us on our toes. This morning (Sunday) is opening day for archery antelope (hunting). Joe is out now and I hope he will bring home an antelope for our freezer. We love antelope. If you have not had antelope, the flavor is similar to venison (deer) but a bit different. It is very lean. And of course being wild, there is no added hormones or antibiotics or anything icky like that. We have ALOT of antelope around here and it is wonderful to see them enjoying the brush and weeds.

This is the last week of the month for our food budget (my husband gets paid once a month so we budget from the 23rd of each month to the 22nd of the following) and at the moment I am a smidge over our budget of $550 for the month and it is also the week before we get another Azure Standard order. So I’m running low on quite a bit of things including flour (I get that from Azure). I’m hopeful my family doesn’t revolt too much over the lack of fresh bread and baked goods. I do have some wheat berries that can grind up if I need to but with only a manual grinder that is a slow process and I have a large amount of rye flour that a friend gave to me. I do plan on sprouting wheat this week though to use. I am still planning on picking up a few things at the farmers market on Tuesday so I have left many of the sides blank for the weeks since I never know exactly what I will find at the market.

What are we eating this week?

B- Fried Eggs and leftover Sourdough Spice Cake (mmm. Cake for breakfast. Yum)
L- Salmon Quesadillas
D- Leg of Lamb, potatoes, Russian Beet Salad, sauteed Zucchini

To Do: Soak oatmeal, start wheat to sprout

B- Butterscotch Oatmeal
D- Leg of Lamb Soup

To Do: Soak beans, thaw chicken broth (for cooking beans)

B- Yogurt Parfait
D- Garbanzo Bean Curry, Soaked Rice, Flat Bread

To Do: AM- soak rice, start flat bread, put beans in crock pot

Wednesday (School Starts)
B- Leftover Rice ‘Cereal’
D- Garbanzo Bean Patties, sides TBD

To Do: Soak oatmeal, make broth

B- Soaked Oatmeal
D- Sprouted Wheat and Garbanzo Bean salad

B- Eggs cooked in Broth
D- Brown Rice Sushi

To Do: AM- soak rice PM- start oatmeal

B- Baked Oatmeal
L- Leftovers or fried egg sandwiches
D- Vegetable Soup, Sprouted Grain Bread

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