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Week 2 of school but the first full week.  We seem to be adjusting to our schedule. Christopher really missed his sisters last week and kept asking where they were. This week he and I will be starting preschool (homeschool) so hopefully that will help pass the time.  A friend told me about Before Five in a Row which sounded great.  We’ll do something like this from an online source I found and using books from the library.  He’ll also do lots of individual type activities with guidance from me.  And we’re doing the Real Food Kids eCourse from GNOWFGLINS.


This week we’ll be eating chicken and white beans. I’m cooking up a couple of last years chickens in the crock pot. These are rather small chickens so we’ll need two of them to get enough meat for the week. The chicken will be used for lunches and dinners.  Our Stretchy Bean will be white beans which combine wonderfully with chicken.  It has been several months since we’ve had Fasooli and I’m very much looking forward to it. I also found a new recipe that I’ll try for a rissotto. I have to admit that I’ve never made a rissotto and wonder about all of the stirring but it sounds good so we’ll give it a try.



Brunch: Sourdough French Toast with Nut and Fruit Syrup

Dinner: Out


Breakfast: Leftover French Toast

Lunch: Homemade ‘Lunchables’ for Kiki, miscellaneous leftovers for Joe, CJ and me

Dinner: Salmon Patties, green salad


Breakfast: Something from this list

Lunch: Leftover salmon patties, salad

Dinner: Crock pot chicken, potatoes and green salad


Breakfast: Something from this list

Lunch: chicken, cheese and toast points to make some kind of homemade lunchable

Dinner: Fasooli and chicken chunks


Breakfast: Something from this list

Lunch: Chicken salad

Dinner: Rissotto with Butternut Squash,  vegetable to be determined


Breakfast: Something from this list

Lunch: leftovers

Dinner: Skillet Dish using leftover beans and chicken


Breakfast: Something from this list

Lunch: Any leftovers or something simple like scrambled eggs

Dinner: I have no idea….. I suspect it will be one of the few remaining packets of antelope or venison in the freezer or perhaps fresh antelope if my husband is successful hunting on Saturday.

What are you eating this week?



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