Menu Week of August 8

The end of ‘summer’ is upon us. Kiki will go back to school next week and Joe will be on his school time schedule of 10:30AM to 7PM. Lulu will be taking a virtual school this year (online school) so she’ll be home with me and Christopher each day.

I’m going to be majorly lazy this week and not plan any breakfasts on weekdays. The girls have not been wanting to eat what I make anyway so they are on their own for this week. Joe makes his own breakfast before leaving for work so I just feed Christopher and me in the mornings and that is usually an egg and toast. I’ll have to go back to ‘real’ breakfasts when school is back in session.

We’ll be enjoying Black Beans this week. Black beans are not something that I grew up eating but have discovered that I really enjoy them. I’m making a big pot today (Tuesday) and we’ll have them for dinner tonight, tomorrow night and Thursday and lunch on Saturday. Beans are a great way to stretch our food budget. I soak them overnight and then usually cook them in a bone broth to help increase the protein.

Like last week, I’m not planning produce into the menu. We’ll be going to the farmers market tonight and use whatever produce we happen to find there.

B- Fried Eggs and toast
L- Subway
D- Hamburgers

D- Skillet dinner made out of ground beef, zucchini, swiss chard and beet greens over rice

D- Black Beans and Rice plus leftovers from last night

D- Black Bean Burritos (sourdough tortillas, cheese and homemade sour cream), cortido

D- Black Bean Chili and Corn bread

D- Spinach Crepes Bernoise

B- Sourdough Pancakes
L- Black Bean Spread on tortillas
D- Chicken Fried Dinner Patties (adapted from this recipe to include soaking the oats)



  1. Cyn

    >I never ate black beans as a child either but as a result of Chipotle, I now love them (added extra to my chili this morning and added them to my enchiladas last week). However, I have no clue what to do with dried beans so I buy them in the can. Would you mind elaborating on how to make beans? Everyone makes it sound easy, but I can't get an actual recipe. Nothing fancy, just how do you get them from hard to edible soft?
    Thanks Millie!

  2. Millie

    >Chipolte does make good black beans. Here is a link to cooking dry beans Wardeh does a great job of explaining the soaking and cooking process. I almost always make my beans (black, pinto, garbanzo, etc) in the crock pot so I can soak them overnight (also in the crock pot), drain them, and then put them back in the crock pot with broth (or water) and they are ready for dinner with very little effort. Of course, once (or maybe twice) I forgot to plug the crock pot in so that did not work out so well 🙂 I also try to make extra beans for multiple meals or the freezer. Great for busy nights.

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