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I’m coming up on a busy season here. I have a couple of temporary jobs lined up, one of them being a long term temp job plus it is tax season for my bookkeeping job. In addition, I received a surprise phone call earlier in the week that will end up being a very good thing but will make things crazy for a bit.

I have a full time (8-5) temp job Monday through Thursday this week. I’m happy that the girls are on break from school and will be able to help out a bit. Joe is working days this week (7-3:30). This weeks menu will be very simple. Breakfasts will be oatmeal or eggs and toast. Lunches will be leftovers, tuna, cheese or peanut butter sandwiches. With the girls home this week they will be helping with things like making the bread.

The steaks I had on last weeks menu for Saturday carried over to tonight. My older daughter Angel and her man were able to come out and join us for dinner tonight.

D- Steak, baked potato, green salad

D- Fried Trout (compliments of Joe’s mama who caught the fish), orzo pasta, green salad

D- Garbanzo Bean Curry, rice, sourdough flat bread

D- Garbanzo Bean Patties, flat bread, yogurt sauce, green salad

D- Chick Pea Tacos with homemade soft corn tacos

D- Sourdough Pasta with Meat Sauce, Veggie TBD, Challah

D- I’m not sure… My mind isn’t working tonight to decide on anything…

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