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I recently had the privilege of guest posting at GNOWFGLINS. Wardeh was very kind to allow me to share some of my thoughts on preparing real food and working a full time job. If you have any suggestions on how to make Real Food, Fast please add to the comments.

I do have a few temporary assignments already scheduled so I’m thinking ahead to working and cooking. I discovered during my recent assignment that my weakest link is food for myself. We had a rhythm for dinner and Joe was wonderful to help with breakfasts in the morning for the kids but I usually skipped breakfast due to my poor time management which left me starving. Remembering my lunch was also challenging. In my effort to alleviate that for next time, I’m going to use some great tips from a Weston A. Price article. This article is written by a teacher and shows how she and her husband are able to have nutrient dense, traditional meals at work. In the article, she tells how she is able to heat her lunches without the use of a microwave using a crock pot. I think she is brilliant! She does mention that her husband still uses the microwave due to his work environment. Working temporary jobs and not a permanent job, I’m pretty much in the same boat as her husband. Most work kitchens or break rooms provide a microwave but coming in as a temp and bringing along my crock pot could cause issues. I would prefer NOT to use a microwave but will make that compromise in order to eat.

A few other things that worked for me was to take extra things on Monday so I’d have food for the week (this only works in my situation when I’m working a long term job). I would have a quart of real milk, a few pieces of fruit (apples usually), and some cut up carrots and celery in the community fridge. In my desk drawer I kept raisins, peanuts and breakfast bars in hopes of keeping the ‘honor box’ (you know, the box filled with candy bars) from calling my name. This week I am only working one day at a place I have not worked before. Since I do not know the facilities, I’ll take peanut butter and nectarine jam on sourdough, along with veggie sticks and fruit.

This week I am working on Tuesday only. So my schedule is pretty light as far as being away from home. But with the end of the year rapidly approaching, my from home bookkeeping job will be busier than usual.

Here’s what we are eating for the week of December 5;

Breakfasts will be either soaked oats, yogurt with fruit, or eggs and toast (possibly muffins if I get them made).

Lunches will be leftovers or something simple like tuna or fried egg sandwiches.

B- Pumpkin bread, milk
L- Beef Lo Mein
D- Leftovers- we have antelope stew, chili, and chicken pasta plus a few other things that will be put out smorgasbord style.

To do: make bread, chicken broth

D- Squash and Sun Dried Tomato Soup (from Nourishing Traditions), Rustic Biscuits (from GNOWFGLINS eCourse Sourdough Bucket Bread lesson 5 )

To do: AM- start bucket bread PM- Put beans on to soak

Tuesday (work day)
D- Red Beans and Rice, Sauteed cabbage, Artisan Sourdough (from lesson 5 GNOWFGLINS eCourse)

To do: AM-Put rice on to soak, start beans in crock pot (cook with chicken broth) PM- feed sourdough starter

D- Taco Soup, Sourdough Corn bread (Lesson 18 from GNOWFGLINS Sourdough eCourse)

To do: AM- start corn bread, take venison roast out of freezer

D- Venison Roast, spaghetti squash with butter, sweet and sour sauteed cabbage

To do: AM- put roast in crock pot

D- Cornish Game Hens with Acorn Squash, Baked potatoes with sour cream

B- Breakfast Cake, fruit
L- Tex Mex Venison Stew (based on this recipe)
D- Out for Lulu’s 14th!

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