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Hello Menu Planners!  This week we have another fairly simple menu lined up. My hand is still messed up so I need help in the kitchen with basic things like cutting and carving.  Joe has been great at ‘giving me a hand’ in the kitchen. For those of you thinking my hand has been a mess for way too long– I completely agree!  It turns out breaking the little bone in my hand was the least of my troubles. Tearing the ligament, cartilage and deep bruises on a couple of other bones have caused more troubles than the simple break. As of right now, I’ve been put on several restrictions to try and heal the bruising. If that doesn’t work I get yet another new splint (I’ve had four different sprints/casts since I fell) that will restrict my movement even more. I go in for treatments three times a week which is way too much fun. 😉  Anyway… I’m doing what I can to help with my healing and praying.

My girl that lives in Oregon. Can't wait to see her!

My girl that lives in Oregon. Can’t wait to see her!

I’m off to Oregon on Saturday for my semi-annual visit. The company I work for in Oregon has two audits a year for a certification program and since this program is ‘my baby’ I go back to prepare for and be onsite when the audit occurs. As a bonus I get to see my oldest daughter on these trips. She lives outside of Portland and the company I work for is about an hour and a half away from there. It’s definitely a wonderful situation. Sierra is planning a wedding (June 2015) so we’ll be doing wedding stuff when I visit like checking out a possible venue site. I’ll be with her on Saturday after my plane arrives until Sunday evening before going to the work site. I fly home on Friday evening. I’m very fortunate to have  studio apartment with a full kitchen to stay in while in Oregon for work. Joe and the children will be on their own while I’m gone. Likely we’ll discuss possible meals for the week and he’ll utilize the crock pot. Christopher will be staying with one of my friends during the days. I’m so happy that she could arrange her schedule to be able to watch him. When I go back over the summers he goes along but since I fly over the winter it is simpler (and less expensive) for him to stay here.


Sunday – Spanish Tortilla, coconut duck soup (from Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon– that’s an affiliate link)

Monday – Crispy Orange Venison (based on this recipe), broccoli, cauliflower rice

Tuesday – Crock pot roasted chicken, roasted carrots and parsnips, sauteed cabbage

Wednesday – Crock pot round steak, sides tbd

Thursday –  Chicken pot pie (Paleo — using this recipe as a guide), sides tbd

Friday – Mediterranean Beef Stew (using this recipe but subbing dehydrated zucchini for fresh)

Saturday – Joe cooks. Millie is in Oregon.



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