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This week I’m working in Oregon for my twice yearly audit that I do with them. I flew into Oregon on Saturday and spent the weekend with my daughter (she lives outside of Portland). On Sunday she brought me to the shop and we stopped at Trader Joe’s so I could pick up food for the week.
I’m still mostly grain and dairy free. I do eat rice sometimes and a few dairy items– butter, cream, sour cream and goat cheese. It had been several years since I’d been to a Trader Joe’s so it was pretty fun to shop there. The one we went to was quite nice. Because of my messed up hand and the fact that I can’t handle a knife very well I chose things that wouldn’t require much, if any, cutting. Unfortunately these ‘convenience type’ foods do add a little bit to the bill but it wasn’t too terribly bad. I am very fortunate to have an apartment with a full kitchen to stay in while I’m here. That does make things so much easier and almost like being at home. The only difference is not having a pantry or spice cabinet to rely on for meals. I do keep sea salt at the apartment so it’s there when I visit each time.

Here’s what I bought. Sorry for the poor picture I only have my phone with me and it’s photo skills are lacking.

Baby Spinach
Cut Veggie Asparagus saute
Broccoli Florets
Chopped Kale
Assorted Chopped Veggies (a mix with cabbage, carrots and 6 other veggies)
Sliced Mushrooms
6 Bananas
1 Lime
1 Lemon

Chicken Spinach Sausage
Smoked Wild Sockeye (salmon)
Angus Steak (precut into chunks)
BBQ Cut Salmon (2 pieces)
Chicken Drumsticks

Chevre (Goat Cheese)
Kerrygold butter (not in picture)
Cream (half pint- not in picture)
Dark Chocolate

Total cost: $57.31

It was a more money than I wanted to spend. These are all of my meals from Monday through Friday and I didn’t do any type of comparison shopping. I was surprised at the cost of a few of the things. The beef was incredibly expensive. It was just over a pound and cost $9.26. I’d seen the articles about the cost of beef going up but this is the first time I’d purchased any at a store (we get ours from a nearby rancher). Holy cow! It was all pretty expensive and the fact that I got pre-cut did add a bit to the cost.

This is my menu plan for the week. Joe and the children are on their own back home in Wyoming. I hate to even think about the food they are eating… 😉 Sunday meals were dine out meals with my daughter and her fiance. We went out for a nice brunch and then drove to the beach for the afternoon. We had an early supper before they took me to the shop/apartment that I’m staying. I’m here until Friday afternoon. My plane arrives at home around 11 PM that night. I’m sharing all meals while I’m here but supper only on Saturday since I’m home.


Brunch: Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict (hold the English muffin), cottage potatoes and fruit
Supper: Sushi

Breakfast: Smoked Salmon, Chevre, Banana
Lunch: Chicken Sausage and Veggie Stir-Fry (cook all chicken sausage to use during the week)
Supper: Salmon with lemon butter and Asparagus Stir Fry (cook second piece of salmon for breakfast Wednesday)

Breakfast: Smoked Salmon, Chevre, Banana
Lunch: Chicken Sausage and Veggie Stir-Fry
Supper: Steak chunks and Kale

Breakfast: Salmon in cream, Kale
Lunch: Baked Chicken Drumsticks, Baby Spinach with Chevre
Supper: Steak Chunks, Broccoli (make soup for breakfast so it can be reheated)

Breakfast: Chicken and Veggie Soup
Lunch: Working Lunch out with auditor
Supper: Leftovers (if hungry after lunch out)

Breakfast: Steak and Mushrooms in Cream
Lunch: Chicken Sausage and Mushrooms
Supper: Baked Chicken Drumsticks, Broccoli (packed to eat on airplane or layover)

Saturday (home)
Supper: Crispy Orange Venison, Cauliflower rice


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