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Hello from Texas!

We are so happy to have a few days to rest and recuperate enjoying each other’s company before heading west. We’ve had a nice visit with some friends who live part of the year in Wyoming near where we are building our cabin. We were pretty excited to find out they live less than a day drive from where we’ve been staying in Oklahoma. Visiting with them has increased our excitement to return home to Wyoming and finish up our cabin. We’ll be living full time at the cabin as soon as we have the heat installed. Here’s a picture taken right after the shell was completed. Love it!

cabin done 1 resized

Moving up to the cabin is a subject for March. For February the subject is travel and our travel menu. 😉

We’ll be in Texas until Friday. Friday night we’re in New Mexico, Saturday we hit California.  During this week we’ll be in 5 different hotel rooms. We’ll rack up over 2000 travel miles. We definitely want to enjoy our trip but also be mindful of our nutrition and our budget.  We began our trip on Saturday, February 6. The first two days menu was shared last week but not completely followed. We decided to have dinner out Sunday evening at a local seafood restaurant. We’re so glad we did! The restaurant featured wild-caught fish and pastured meats. The meal was amazing, the service was great, and we had a wonderful time. Because of this, the planned salad for Sunday night moves to Monday lunch.

Our hotel Monday to Thursday and Saturday includes breakfast. We plan to supplement the hotel offering with boiled eggs we brought along and yogurt parfaits (using plain, store bought yogurt). Our hotel on Friday and Sunday does not include breakfast. We’re planning easy in-room breakfasts those days of Almond Meal Pudding – Hotel Room Style and No-Oat Oatmeal (based on this recipe).

Almond Meal Pudding

Lunch and dinner will be planned but loose just in case we find another local restaurant we can’t pass up. We pre-cooked eggs and sprouted lentils for our cooler plus brought quite a few pantry things — salmon, oil, vinegar, spices, etc. We have our crockpot, a rice cooker and some hotels include a microwave. We’ll likely need to boil more eggs later in the week, the rice cooker works great for this. I’m not a microwave oven fan but feel it’s a better choice than many dining out options. We’ll use it to cook potatoes and for heating things up.

Tuesday night we’ll cook a chicken overnight in the crockpot so we have ready-made protein in our cooler (or hotel room fridge). One of our hotel room favorites is 7 Layer Dip. It’s easy to assemble and makes a fun meal served with (organic) corn chips and veggies for dipping. When road tripping, I try to always bring a small cutting board, knife and can opener. These are so helpful!

Food we may be enjoying this week. 

Main Dish Salad
Sweet and Sour Sprouted Lentils (quick crockpot dish)
Salmon salad, cheese, crackers
Baked potato bar
Deviled eggs
Chicken Apple Wraps
7 Layer Dip
Chicken Tomato Wraps
PB & J
Egg salad

What’s on your menu?

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