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Hello fellow Menu Planners!  I have to tell you how much better my weeks go when I make an effort to not only plan my menu but also stick with it. I love the structure that having a plan provides and I really love not having to come up with a dish to make at the last minute. To be honest, when I’m hungry I am not at my most creative. So planning in advance is a huge help.

For reasons unknown we have an abundance of milk in the fridge. Our goats are dried up and we are only getting two gallons of milk each week from our cow share so I’m not sure why we have so much.  As a result, I decided to make a batch of paneer. Joe helped me with the pouring part since one handed pouring of hot milk is a challenge. Paneer isn’t something I make too often. The idea of boiling our wonderful raw milk (and killing all of the good stuff in it) doesn’t sit well with me. But the few times I have made it and then used it in recipes everyone loved it.  I’m not really eating cheese right now (as part of my elimination diet) and will probably only have a small amount and see how it goes. I did add rice back into my diet a few weeks ago with no issues.

Our fridge is almost bare of fresh veggies as I put this plan together. I’ll stop for produce after my hand treatment tomorrow but am leaving most of the side blank since I’m not sure what I’ll bring home. We get most of our produce from the local Natural Grocers and tend to buy whatever is on sale that week. Likely there will be greens on sale but I’m not sure what else. We do have a rather sorry looking bunch of Swiss chard for the Masala on Sunday and plenty of carrots plus a few parsnips for the duck stew along with potatoes. On Saturday Kiki and I are doing a launch party for one of our new Skinny Wrap team members for that night Joe will be in charge of coming up with supper and putting it together.


Sunday – Paneer Tika Masala with green and rice

Monday – Venison Steak Diane

Tuesday – Duck Stew

Wednesday – Slow Cooker Buttered Beef Roast

Thursday – Almond Crusted Salmon Patties

Friday – Leftover Roast Beef Soup

Saturday – Joe cooks


What’s on your menu?


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