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Menu Week of January 12 Real Food for Less MoneyWednesday morning bright and early I’m leaving town. I’m going to Tampa, FL for Freedom 2014 Conference for my skinny wrap business.
Joe will be holding down the fort here at home. Usually when I’m leaving town I prepare a few things for the family to have while I’m gone. Since cooking is a bit of a challenge right now with my hand in a cast type thing, the family will take care of meals on their own. Kiki will be taking care of Christopher while I’m gone so she’ll do the bulk of the cooking.  That will help Joe immensely since he doesn’t get home until 7:30ish. Kiki and I chatted about the  menu. At 18 she is quite comfortable in the kitchen but wanted to have a good plan in place and keep things simple since her main ‘job’ will be babysitting.  She’s going to do a bit of shopping on Tuesday so we’re leaving the sides open depending on what she finds at the Natural Grocers. Joe will take care of Saturday but he doesn’t yet know what he’ll make. My guess, chicken fry venison— his favorite.
I’m still grain-free. Usually when I fly I take dry goods along in my bag. That’s a little more challenging when grain-free since my favorite things to take include oatmeal and lentils. I also usually rent a car and go to a market on way to my final destination. That won’t happen on this trip. Fortunately, my friend KerryAnn is also going to conference, she’s also grain-free and she’s driving. She offered to prepare meals for me and another lady. She’s made stir-fry with sauce, chili, soup, some snacks, hard-boiled eggs, bacon, a casserole and roasted a chicken plus I think a few other things. I’m taking a couple of things that are airplane/suitcase friend– raw sweet potatoes, Lara bars, almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries (unsweetened), and coconut flakes. Since I’ll be either in an airport or on a plane for most of the day on Wednesday I’m also packing breakfast and a lunch. I’m going to make up some of these muffins and I’ll take a few and leave the rest for the family to enjoy. I’m also going to be sure to set aside (and put in the freezer) at least one piece of chicken from Tuesday night’s dinner and I have a chicken sausage that was cooked up on Saturday stashed in the freezer. I like taking frozen meats that can thaw in my insulated lunch bag and be perfect for a meal later in the day while keeping other things cold. I’ll add in some sliced veggies too the bag and call it good.

Sunday- Pepper Crusted Venison Medallions,  sauteed red cabbage

Monday– Antelope roast, spaghetti squash with sauce, sauteed greens
Tuesday —  Chipolte chicken thighs, green salad
Wednesday — Hamburger patties, mashed potatoes, green salad
Thursday — Homemade mac and cheese (something like this), sides tbd
Friday — Hamburger Tartaflette, sides tbd
Saturday— It’s a mystery!

What’s on your menu?

Menu Week of January 12 Real Food for Less Money

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