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>We try to eat Real Food. What does that mean to us? Our food should be whole, unprocessed and nutrient dense. We started switching to a Real Food (also called whole food or traditional food) diet about a year ago. I purchased and read the book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and that was beginning of our Real Food quest.  The book is wonderful  to have for the information  but it is slightly overwhelming as how to incorporate cooking and eating real food into a real life. To solve this problem, Wardeh at has developed GNOWFGLINS Fundamentals eCourse to help others learn to make healthy and nutritious meals.

The Fundamentals eCourse is designed as a simple and straightforward plan for you to learn all of the basics of cooking real, traditional food step by step. I wish this eCourse would have been available last year! If you have ever considered making healthier and more nutritious meals for your family then take a look at the Fundamentals eCourse and see how Wardeh can help you.

We are still eating alot of stuff out of our freezer and pantry. Last week we loved Martha’s Lamb-Barley Stew. It is a wonderfully hearty and economical meal since lamb shanks tend to be fairly reasonable (I got the ones I used from a friend but I sometimes buy Wild Harvest Organics lamb shanks at Albertson’s for just a few dollars when they are on mark down). Also enjoyed was our breakfast of Butterscotch Rice which was a family favorite that I finally got around to changing the ingredients a little to make them more real food friendly.

Menu Week of January 24

B- Scottish Oats
L- Out
D- Snacks since we ate too much out

B- Yogurt with pureed persimmon and almonds
D- Brisket, sweet potato pancakes, Brussel Sprouts, Fruit Chutney

B- Sourdough Toast with yogurt cheese, apple slices
D- Tacos from leftover brisket, Cortido, Kraut

B- Breakfast Burritos
D- Creamed Onions, boiled potatoes, Butternut Squash, Pickled Beets

B- Kefir Parfaits
D- Coconut Duck Soup (recipe from Nourishing Traditions), sourdough rolls

Friday- Joe’s Birthday!
B- Fried eggs and toast
D- Stuffed Peppers, Glazed Carrots, Baked Potatoes

B- Oatmeal Pancakes
L- Leftovers
D- Salmon Loaf,  Mashed potatoes, Sauteed Cabbage,Pickled Carrots

For other menu ideas be sure to visit Laura at Menu Plan Monday.

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