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Already the last week of January!  It’s cold and snowy here. Not as cold as it was last month but still chilly. Have you heard about the propane shortage? I hadn’t until last week when our propane guy arrived for our monthly fill. But because of the shortage he was only allowed to fill us to 60%. And he said that the next day they were increasing the price by 80 cents a gallon! I’m glad he came when he did. Right now the propane is our main heat. We did have a pellet stove but the computer board went out and the repairman said that with the age of the stove it wasn’t worth fixing. Our plan was to wait until spring to buy a new pellet stove (when they go on sale here). Now we’re hoping the sales start soon!  Cost-wise we have found that running the propane heater hasn’t been any more than when we were using the pellet stove. Those pellet costs really add up. We’ve talked about getting a wood stove instead of a pellet stove but the house is already set up for the pellet.

On Tuesday I am going to visit the Orthopedist to see what he thinks is up with my hand. I fell in December and broke a little bone. When I went in for a follow up appointment the doctor didn’t like the way it looked so ordered more x-rays and an MRI. The good news is the break is healing nicely. The bad news is I tore a couple of ligaments or tendons or something (she told me and showed me pictures but it is all a blur).  My regular doc put me in a new robotic looking splint to take the pressure off the tendons/ligaments. She thinks the ortho will either want to leave me in it for 8 weeks or he’ll want to do surgery and then put me back in it after the initial healing. I’m, of course, praying for no surgery.

bionic splint

Joe is still helping me in the kitchen. The new splint makes things even more challenging. Cutting and peeling is near impossible. Typing is not too easy. I type with my left hand and right thumb. It has certainly slowed me down! Joe is having a birthday this week. It is on Wednesday but we’ll celebrate on Saturday. He wants homemade hamburgers with lots of toppings (sauteed onions, mushrooms, avocado, and bacon for sure) plus oven French fries. Angel is going to come and and help me with putting that meal together. I’m still grain-free. Joe says he notices that I seem to feel better. I don’t complain about heartburn and I’m having a lot less headaches. I do have a very hard time feeling like I eat enough. I decided to add in white potatoes a couple of times a week in hopes of helping with the feeling of fullness and also because we have about 100 pounds of potatoes that need to be used up.


Sunday – Empty the Fridge Soup, Coconut Flour Sandwich Bread

Monday – Oven Baked Short Ribs, Braised Romaine, Butternut Squash Casserole

Tuesday – Venison Meat and Potatoes (something like this), Broccoli

Wednesday – Asian Infused Lettuce and Cabbage Wraps, Carrot Sticks

Thursday – Venison Roast, Roasted Parsnips and Carrots

Friday – Lamb Stew over Spaghetti Squash

Saturday –  Joe’s Birthday! Hamburgers loaded with everything, Oven Fries (made from white and sweet potatoes), Sweet and Sour

Cole Slaw


What’s on your menu?


Menu Week of January 12 Real Food for Less Money


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