Menu Week of January 5

Menu Week of January 12 Real Food for Less Money

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This is a sad time. My daughter’s boyfriend lost his mom Saturday night. She was only 43. Her death comes just a few days after he lost his uncle and his dad had a severe asthma attack. His dad is still very ill and unable to take care of himself. My heart aches for JT and his family.

This week will be busy with work. School is back in session starting today so Joe is back on his 10 to 7 shift. I’ll be working extra this week in preparation for the following week. On Wednesday the 15th I’m going to Tampa for my wrap business so I’ll need to do as much work ahead of time as possible to prepare for being gone those days.

Joe helped me with meal prep again on Sunday. I had an MRI last week and hope to get some answers soon about my hand. The doc said she wants to put me in a different cast or splint but wanted to wait for the results so she’d know exactly what she’d dealing with. She also told me to expect 6 to 8 weeks of physical therapy. We put a chicken in the crock pot to cook overnight, in the AM it was separated from the bone and broth made from the bones. The meat will be for Monday and Wednesday. On Sunday we attempted to bake a spaghetti squash and butternut squash in the oven but our oven wouldn’t work. After a full hour of being turned on it never preheated. We ended up cooking the spaghetti squash under the broil (it still worked) and sticking the butternuts in the crock pot over night. Right before bed Joe decided to test the oven again and it heated fine. So I have no idea what is going on with that.  I do love it when we can do meal prep on the weekends. Since I can’t work a knife yet with my hand it is a tremendous help to have Joe do it. And it makes my day so much easier when meal time comes around. Two meals on this week’s plan are repeats from last week. We changed the menu at the end of last week and didn’t have them so they are back on. I’m really looking forward to trying the chocolate chili.

Menu Week of January 5 Real Food for Less Money


Sunday- Pepper crusted venison medallions (this recipe a definitely a keeper), fried potatoes (sweet for me), green salad

Monday-  Chicken curry (something like this but made with crock pot chicken), Swiss chard, spaghetti squash

Tuesday- Fish Chowder (Paleo, using this recipe as a guide)

Wednesday- Stove top Paleo Casserole, sauteed cabbage

Thursday- Slow Cooker Venison Barbecue (something like this but adapted to work for Whole30), Cauliflower rice, Cole slaw

Friday – Chocolate chili (made with antelope or venison instead of beef), cauliflower rice and cole slaw

Saturday- leftovers


What’s on your menu?

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