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I wanted to talk a bit this week about something I’ve been working on for awhile. A Rotating Menu Plan. I have been working on a 13 week menu plan.

Most of the evening meals completed but do have a few blanks left to fill in as time goes on. Breakfasts are so basic here that I’ve decided just to have a breakfast plan list (which is basically what I do now). Lunches are still in process but what I’m leaning toward doing is to make one large meal and use it for lunch all week (Monday through Friday). This is something I mentioned last week that was a suggestion from Michelle. Last week I made Barley Soup and Joe and I took it for lunch each day plus had it here or the kids to eat during the day. We also use leftovers for lunches so I’m thinking the combination of the two will be a good solution to my lunch menu. On Saturday’s we have a crock pot meal most of the time now (I suspect this will change during the warmer months) and Sunday lunches are currently a bit of a mish-mash just depending on what is going on. Often times something like an open faced tuna sandwich or maybe a stop at Subway if we do errands.

Why am I working on a rotating menu plan? If you read here much you may have noticed that I write up (and usually follow) a menu plan most weeks. When I’m menu planning I usually plan based on what items we have in the house. I call it ‘shopping’ the pantry/freezer. Joe and I have a goal to keep our own ‘store’ here at the house as best we can. Ideally, we would like to have a years supply of food and non food necessities. I love looking Brandy, The Prudent Homemakers food storage set up. At the moment, my ‘store’ looks nothing like that 😉 Many of my items are slightly different than Brandy’s too because of our differences in food choices but I still LOVE how Brandy’s looks.

The idea of a rotating menu plan is pretty common in food storage circles. It is a way to be able to plan out how much one needs to store to reach the desired goal. I love this web site that talks about having a menu plan and collecting the ingredients to make each meal once per month (12 times in a year). This is basically what I am doing only I’m a lot less organized with it at the moment.

Another reason that I really like the rotating menu plan combined with the food storage is that we only want to store what we eat. I want to be sure that I am 100% comfortable with cooking everything in our food store plus I want to know that my family enjoys eating it. Along with me being comfortable with the cooking, the rest of the family is also learning how to cook and prepare these meals (well, the girls are anyway). You will probably see more meals in 2011 talking about food storage and/or purposeful homesteading.

I’m no longer doing temporary work. My poor Explorer that we bought so I could get around (to work) during the snow season is really broken. We are still waiting for the final numbers but it appears that the cost to fix is around $1400. Considering we only paid $2200 for it, fixing it may not be smart. I’m still training for the at home job and hoping that will all work out as planned but am not sure about that at the moment. Hopefully I will know more in the next week about that. My bookkeeping job is keeping my quite busy too. The beginning of the year is always like this with getting all of the tax stuff together.

Breakfasts will be simple things like eggs and toast, yogurt, or soaked oats.
Lunch this week will be Mujadareh.

B- Buckwheat pancakes, yogurt
L- fried antelope strips and/or open face tuna sandwiches
D- Spaghetti with meat sauce, spaghetti squash and sourdough bread
Snack- Sourdough donuts

D- Pinto Beans (crock pot), rice, sauteed cabbage

D- Bean, cheese and rice burritos (sourdough tortillas), carrots, Cortido

D-Seven Layer Tortilla Pie, coleslaw

D-Chicken (crock pot), potatoes, carrots, onions, celery

D- Chicken Pot Pie, broccoli, green salad, challah

B- Quiche
L- Venison Stew (crock pot)
D- Turkey Curry (turkey from the freezer) over rice
Snack- Sourdough Crackers and cheeses

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