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This week should be quiet yet busy at the same time. Kiki and Lulu are gone for the week which makes it quiet. And Kiki and Lulu are gone for the week which makes it busy. It is so nice having teens around to help out with things. They will be back on Sunday so they are not gone long. My oldest daughter and her SO are here now. It is wonderful having them around. We have been enjoying playing games in the evenings.

I have another easy menu planned for this week. We are doing chicken processing and with the girls gone it just seemed smart to plan quicker type foods. I am planning on Wednesday to make a few things like muffins and crackers just to carry us through the week snackwise but the bulk of this weeks food will require very little prep. One of these days I hope to get caught up with gardening, tree watering, chicken tending/processing and all the other fun things that I’m doing this summer to put up a proper blog post. Maybe tomorrow I can get a Tuesday Twister post together (but I’m not really sure that I have any pictures to share so maybe not) or maybe Thursday for the debut of Simple Lives Thursday. I can’t wait to see what others share for the Simple Lives blog hop. That should be fun.

B- Eggs and toast
L-Soup made out of chicken broth, rice noodles, shrimp and mussels
D- Pizza

B- Fried Eggs
D- Steak, baked potato, tomato slices with cream

B- Yogurt Parfait
D- Beef Liver, Fried potatoes, green salad

To Do: Soak lentils

B- Fried Eggs
D- Lentils and Rice, Coleslaw

To Do: AM- start muffins, sourdough crackers, bread if needed. PM- Soak Oats

B- Soaked Oatmeal topped with fruit and raw cream
D- Lentil Patties, glazed carrots

To Do: Bake bread

B- Fried Eggs
D- Lentil Soup (something like this), green salad and yogurt

B- Sourdough Pancakes
L- Leftovers
D- Salmon Patties, green salad

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