Menu Week of July 13 and Building a Cabin

Menu Week of July 13 and Building a Cabin

What an exciting weekend! We spent the weekend up at our property. This was the BIG weekend of starting the cabin build! We got up there around 10 pm on Thursday expecting our builders around 8 am on Friday morning. Unfortunately, the logs for our cabin were a very large load and stretched their 8 hour trip to a 14 hour trip due to their rig overheating. When they did arrive they were spent after their long and stressful drive so the things we planned for Friday were put on hold until Saturday.

Menu Week of July 13 and Building a Cabin

Saturday morning the cabin footprint was laid out and all the stakes were put in place, last minute supplies were put together and they started digging holes for the footings. Joe helped with the digging but since I’m still having trouble with my injuries from falling over the winter I was not a digger. My main function over the weekend was cook which worked out great for me. Using the outdoor kitchen so much gave me some ideas how to make it more user friendly.

Menu Week of July 13 and Building a Cabin

Things did take much longer than expected and when we had to leave the property to return home we weren’t as far along as everyone was planning. They’ll continue to building without us and finish up as far as they can with the amount of logs they brought this trip. Then will return with another load in a few weeks to complete the construction.

Menu Plan Week of July 13 and Building a Cabin

My poor kitchen set up can be remedied once the cabin is complete. Right now, because of the wind we have part of the kitchen over by the shack to provide a bit of wind break. And then on the other end of the shack we have a table and keep the coolers under it where the shade is heaviest. The fire cooking areas are in a spot with very little vegetation but are about 50 feet from the shack. All this adds up to a lot of walking! Once the cabin is in it will give a wind break, and provide shade, that is near the fire area which will allow me to put things closer together. Wondering why I’ll need an outdoor kitchen when the cabin is complete? We’re only building the shell this summer. We’ll start working on the interior over the winter but it will be sometime before that’s complete. We are buying a woodstove for it this summer that we’ll use for heat and cooking in the winter but an actual kitchen will still be some time off. That’s okay since we won’t be moving up there full time until next summer.

This week I’m going to Oregon. Twice a year I work on site in Oregon for audits we have for a certification program. I leave on Thursday and get to spend some time with my daughter that lives in Portland before heading on site for the audit. Since I’m not sure what we’ll be doing, I’m not going to plan Friday and Saturday meals. Thursday I’ll be on the road so it’ll be something easy. My family staying at home will be taking care of their own food while I’m gone. One less thing for me to think about 😉

I have no idea what our sides will be this week. I need to see if anything is ready in the garden and also make a trip to the grocers.

Menu Week of July 13

Sunday – snacks on the road heading home
Monday – Fajitas, green salad
Tuesday – Smoky BBQ Beef Brisket (from Easy Paleo Slow Cooker meals – affiliate link)
Wednesday – Spanish Tortilla (affiliate link)
Thursday – Salmon salad

What’s on your menu?

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