Menu Week of July 18

Tuesday and I am finally getting my menu for the week posted. I am having such a hard time getting any blog posts up lately. Yes, it is summer and it is busy here but the biggest problem is my mind seems to be going in fifty different directions all the time and my follow through on completing those fifty different things is lacking. I think I need a schedule of some sorts. That might help me get my stuff done.

Kiki and Lulu are back which is wonderful. I know that had a nice visit with their dad but I sure missed them. Being teen girls (13 and 15) I sometimes forget that they are a joy to have around (because they act like teen girls) and I certainly forget how helpful they are. After last week, I have a new appreciation for them. I just hope I remember that appreciation as they are squabbling with each other!

Last week, I kept forgetting to follow my menu plan. This week we’ll be having last weeks Lentils. I usually don’t plan for lunches on days Joe is not home. I just put something together for the kids and I, often leftovers but sometimes something like Tuna or Salmon Patties or something from these lunch ideas. On days that Joe is off from work, planning lunch too seems to work better. Otherwise, we often end up wanting to eat out which does not help our budget or our health. If you read here much you know I enjoy dining out but it is so hard to find someplace that doesn’t end up leaving us with a tummy ache.

B- Eggs and toast
L- Out with Joe (yes, I ended up with a tummy ache) while Sierra and Rico went to pick up girls at airport
D- Since everyone had lunch out, dinner was whatever could be scrounged up

B- Fried Eggs, banana
D- Lamb with Spicy Lemons, Brown Rice, Moroccan Raw Carrot Salad

B- Muffins and milk
D- Lentils and Rice, Coleslaw (based on this recipe), Carrot Salad (leftover)

To Do: AM- soak lentils, soak rice, start coleslaw, start bread

B- Sourdough Pancakes
D- Lentil Patties, Cole Slaw (leftover)

To do: bake bread

B- Eggs and toast
D- Lentil Soup (something like this), green salad, yogurt

To do: Soak oatmeal, take meat out of freezer for weekend

Friday (Joe’s parents will be arriving this day to stay for the weekend)
B- Butterscotch Oatmeal
L- Hamburger Patties with sauteed onions, sides to be determined
D- Leg of Lamb with Root Vegetables (from Eat Fat, Lose Fat), sides to be determined, Dessert- maybe a custard

To Do: PM- start pancakes to soak

B- German Pancakes with Buttermilk Syrup
L- Baked Chicken with Coconut Peanut Sauce (from Eat Fat, Lose Fat), sides to be determined
D- Some kind of skillet dish made from hamburger



  1. ginger-n-wyo

    >Summertime is the hardest for sticking to plans. The worst for me is the long days. More often than I like to admit, it's 8:00 before I remember I still have to cook dinner!

  2. Millie

    >So true Ginger! Some days I wish I could just take the summer off from cooking but then we'd have to take the summer off from eating too which might be a bit of a problem.

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