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I can hardly believe that it is the last week of July. This summer is just zooming by. Today is quite hot at 95 and with zero breeze. We have wind most days here so it is rare to have nothing and not so good when it is this hot. And of course, I have no trees here for shade so that adds to the heat. It usually cools off quite a bit when the sun goes down though so I figure this warmth is short lived and I’m sure I’ll be wishing for a hot day about the middle of December when it is COLD.

Sticking with the theme of simple for this summer, that’s what this week is too. I’m so excited though, on Friday we are going camping! Just for Friday night but it should still be fun. We have not been camping since we moved to Wyoming (unless you count the fact that we lived in our camp trailer) and we are looking forward to going up in the forest and being surrounded by trees. When we lived in Oregon we lived on the edge of a forest so living on the prairie with very few trees that is one thing we do miss. The smell of a pine forest is amazing. I’m planning very simple food for the camping trip. Mostly make ahead things except for the hamburgers that we will cook there. And we are having S’mores. Regular old style with graham crackers, choco bars and marshmallows.

B- Toast with peanut butter and Sue’s homemade jam
L- Subway
D- Christmas in July Party at Friend’s house

B- Fried Eggs and banana
D- Chicken with Peanut Coconut sauce over rice (made from Saturday’s leftovers), green salad

To do: Make bread (yeast), Soak beans

B- Yogurt Parfait
D- Pinto beans, rice, sauteed squash

To do: soak oatmeal, start double batch of sourdough bread for loaves, buns and flat bread

B- Butterscotch Oatmeal, peaches
D- Bean Burritos, fried zucchini

To do: AM- start tortillas

B- French Toast
D- Chili and cornbread

To do: cook roast in crock pot

B- Muffins and yogurt
L- Flat bread filled with roast, sauerkraut, yogurt sauce
D- Hamburgers, carrot sticks, S’mores


B- Applesauce bread, scrambled eggs
L- Flat bread filled with roast, sauerkraut, yogurt sauce
D- Sourdough Pancakes

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