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After a wonderful vacation week last week, Joe went back to work this morning. Sometimes I wish every week could be vacation but ‘he who does not work, does not eat’ and you know we like to eat (and have a house to live in and a car to drive and etc, etc). Last week, my menu was a non menu, consisting of precooking a few things and then winging it. In some ways I really liked it. I liked having almost completed things on hand (I do that anyway on a small scale when I make a big pot of beans or a roast and turn it into a few meals) and I liked spending very little time in the kitchen. But on the flip side when the precooked food ran out I was a mess. Asking everyone ‘what should we have for lunch? what should we have for dinner?’ and getting very little feedback. This week, I am going to try a combination of meal planning and precooking more. I’ll use today as a big kitchen day this week and see how it goes. I’ll be making a crock pot full of black beans to use in burritos, Navajo tacos and Mexi Pizza and I’ll crock pot a couple of smallish chickens for lunches and Thursdays dinner plus making assorted baked goods. I’ll plan breakfasts and dinners for the week and lunches on days Joe will be home (in hopes of preventing us deciding to eat out). Lunches on other days will be leftovers or something easy that is scrounged up. Snacks have been a big deal this summer and tend to be smoothies, fruit or maybe a sweet treat that is easy to make.

Saturday Kiki and Lulu will be flying (by themselves-yikes) to Oregon for a week long visit with their dad. It’s about 4 hours to the airport so I’m not quite sure what Saturday will look like food-wise.


B- Toast with peanut butter
L- Sourdough Crepes with taco flavored ground beef, cheese and kraut, canned peaches (last jar from my canning lesson with Michaela last summer)
D- Lamb Chops with Sauce (based on a recipe from Nourishing Traditions), Rice Pilaf (cooked with onion, grated carrots and shredded cabbage), sliced tomatoes and homemade chocolate ice cream for dessert.


B- Toast with Pate (like Kimi recommends, I make this ahead and keep in small containers in the freezer)
L- Egg poached in broth
D- Steak, Baked Potato, Spicy Carrots

To Do: PM- soak black beans, take ground beef out of freezer


B- Fried eggs, strawberries
D- Smothered Burritos, Spanish Rice, Spicy Sauerkraut

To Do: AM- start beans (crock pot, cooking in chicken broth), start chicken (crock pot), start double batch of bread, start muffins, start tortillas(tonight’s dinner ), start sourdough crackers, soak rice (double batch). Late Afternoon- make macaroons, bake muffins, bake crackers, make tortillas. PM- put oatmeal on to soak, debone chicken and start broth from bones


B- Butterscotch Oatmeal topped with sliced bananas and crispy almonds
D- Navajo Tacos

To D0: AM- start fry bread, bake bread (started yesterday),


B- Eggs and toast
D- Chicken Curry over rice


B- Yogurt Parfait
D- Pizza on sourdough crust

To do: AM- start pizza dough


B- Butterscotch Rice

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