Menu Week of July 6

Menu Week of July 6

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Hello! I hope you had a terrific weekend.  We went up to our property to do a few things to get ready to start construction on this Friday. My sister and her husband joined us. It was a fun time!  We watched the fireworks show on Friday night and took an amazing drive up the mountain on Saturday. We had planned on some hiking but didn’t fit that in. Below is a picture of a lake I took up on the top of the pass. There is still quite a bit of snow. In fact there were people skiing in a couple of place, down crazy steep slopes.  I’ll share a few more pictures from the drive later in the week.

Menu Week of July 6

This week we’ll be going back up to the property Thursday evening. Our cabin builders will be arriving on Friday morning. We’ll help with set up and hole digging over the weekend and then come back home on Sunday. Our builders will take care of the rest since it’ll be time for my summer work trip to Oregon the following weekend.  We’re not entirely sure when the cabin will be done but sometime after we return from Oregon.

My menu for this weekend is still a little bit loose. We’ll be feeding the crew but there are a few food restrictions and I’m waiting for confirmation on exactly what those are.  At the moment, I’m leaning toward a Paleo style diet for the weekend since I know gluten and casein are on the list.  I don’t have GF & CF cooking experience but do have grain-free so I know that will be safe.  I went through a grain-free cookbooks for ideas — Well Fed, Well Fed 2 and Easy Paleo Slow Cooker Meals (those are all affiliate links).  The Well Fed books are great inspiration for quick and easy meals. I especially love the suggestions for cooking in advance.  The slow cooker book is also full of simple meals to use in a crock pot. Since we don’t have electricity up at the property I won’t be using the slow cooker but instead will use my Sun Oven (affiliate link).

This week we’re eating fresh peas from our garden. This is the first time we’ve planted them and I’m super excited that they grew.


Sunday – Leftover from weekend

Monday – Punjabi Egg Curry, green salad

Tuesday – Sriracha Antelope Cabbage Bowl (based on this recipe)

Wednesday – West African Cod Stew (From Well Fed 2 – affiliate link)

Thursday – Chicken Wraps

Friday to Sunday –  I’ll precook some boiled eggs, venison roast and prep some veggies and fruit (based on ideas from Well Fed (affiliate link). In the Sun Oven I’ll cook a brisket and some taco meat ( from Easy Paleo Slow Cooker Meals – aff link). I’ll need to take along a few more things but will figure out what as soon as I get my beef CSA order this week.

What’s on your menu?

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