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My husband is on vacation this week. His time off actually started last Wednesday and we have been having a wonderful time. We spent a few days up at our new property. It is absolutely beautiful there. We took a short drive up the canyon. The picture below is of the mountain.


We will be going back up there on Tuesday. The last visit we focused on putting up a small structure. On this one we’ll work on that again but hope to also have some time for fun.

Our last visit to the property we stayed over night with my husband’s parents. They live about 45 minutes from the new place. This time we’ll camp on the land.

We’re now getting some salad greens out of our garden. Enough for a nice big salad every couple of days.  The picture below shows a salad I put together last week. It is a mixture of beet greens, two different kinds of leaf lettuce, spinach, nasturtium greens and lamb’s quarters.  Topped with a homemade vinaigrette is was pretty impressive.


Menu Plan

Sunday- Out

Monday- Short ribs, rice pilaf, green salad (from garden)

Tuesday (Camping)- Hamburger skillet dish (cooked on camp stove)

Wednesday (Camping)- Simple Stir Fry (cooked on the camp stove but inspired by this article from GNOWFGLINS on Rocket Stove cooking)

Thursday- Salmon patties

Friday- Hamburger skillet dish

Saturday- Chicken cacciatore


What’s on your menu this week?

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