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Sprouted LentilsThis week we’re still focusing on eating out of our food storage and enjoying the few items we produce ourselves.  Our freezer is emptying out rather quickly which is normal for this time of year. We stock it up in the fall during hunting season and when processing chickens and ducks. At this point we have a few chicken carcasses left (see more about these in this post), one duck and odds and ends of antelope and venison. Those odds and ends are the more “interesting” cuts. My husband writes things on the package like “cook in crock pot tough leg meat” or something similar. These still work fine for meals but I do sometimes need to be slightly creative with them. I somewhat enjoy this time of year. It is nice to get the freezer emptied and cleaned out to prepare for filling it up again. Antelope season starts the middle of August so not much time left to empty it out. 🙂

On Sunday we went up to my sister’s place for a barbecue. They live a couple of hours from us and it was a fun day. I didn’t make the trout on last week’s menu so it’s on the menu for tonight.  We’ll also be having lentils this week as our Stretchy Bean and I’ll cook up one of those chicken carcasses to use for broth (for the lentils) and will pick the meat off and use that for a salad (greens from our garden).  This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting Homespun Oasis with your purchases.


Sunday – Sister’s house for Barbecue

Monday – Spicy North African Style Trout, basmati rice, green salad

Tuesday –  Majadareh

Wednesday – Chicken Salad

Thursday – Sprouted Lentil Burgers

Friday – Sprouted Lentil Salad

Saturday – Must Go’s (anything in the fridge Must Go)

What’s on your menu?

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