Menu Week of June 22

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Creamy Black Bean SoupHello! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. We had great weather and were able to do many things outside that we’d been putting off like cleaning out the goat pen. 😉 It’s an exciting life around here sometimes.

Last week’s menu worked out super well and we had several great dishes. Including Spicy North African Style Trout.  During the summer months Kiki spends as much time fishing as she can manage so trout recipes are always something I’m on the look out for.  Our Saturday night meal was supposed to be leftovers but it just so happened our fridge was empty. I got the Kindle book Well Fed 2  (that’s an affiliate link) by Melissa Joulwan a few days ago and remembered seeing a dish that sounded wonderful – West African Chicken Stew. Unfortunately, our freezer is empty of most chicken but it had an option for using white fish and I just happened to have a package of cod in the freezer. It was AMAZING.  You might have noticed the other recipe I mentioned this week was also an African fish recipe but they were very different. Both definitely are going on my make again list.

We decided at the last minute to go to a pizza place on Sunday night. It’s fairly new and we’ve been there when it first opened so Joe wanted to try it again. It was fine but absolutely killed my stomach. It will be a loooong time before we go there again. My second to the oldest girl is 24 today. It’s sometimes hard to believe how fast children grow up. You’ll notice my menu plan is missing produce. I need to go to the market to pick some up so am leaving that blank since I have no idea what I’ll grab. We are getting salad greens out of the garden but nothing else yet. I’m looking forward to the produce stands and farmers markets opening up but I think that’s still a couple of weeks away. This week’s Stretchy Bean is black beans.


Sunday –  Pizza

Monday – Out for Angel’s 24th  birthday

Tuesday –  Easy Black Beans and Yellow Rice (based on this recipe)

Wednesday – Cuban Style Sirloin Tips (based on this recipe)

Thursday – Breakfast Tostado (black beans and scrambled eggs plus toppers)

Friday – Creamy Black Bean Soup based on a recipe from Nourishing Traditions (affiliate link) by Sally Fallon

Saturday – Punjabi Egg Curry (based on this recipe)


What’s on your menu?

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