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We’ve got some excitement happening! The start date for our cabin build is July 11. We’re super excited about this. We’ll be going up to the property on Thursday evening to spend the weekend of the 4th and finish the prep work and a couple of small projects. My sister’s family is going to join us up there. We’ll combine our food efforts for the weekend and use our fancy outdoor kitchen to prepare meals.

out door kitchen


My sister still has a freezer full of wild game so will be bringing assorted steaks and burgers to cook for the weekend. I’ll take sandwich type fixings (egg salad, chicken salad, etc) and breakfast foods.  We’ll each also make a large salad or two to add to the meals.  For cooking we have a fire pit with a tripod, a Sun Oven and a Rocket Stove.  One of our projects is to set up a second (homemade) rocket stove to use if we need an additional burner. This will likely be more of a temporary arrangement but we think it will be helpful. We’ll also be making a platform area for the purchased rocket stove (see picture below) so I don’t have to sit on the ground to use it. That will be nice!

rocket stove

We’re still focusing on eating out of our freezer. It’s getting pretty empty. We have several packages of stew and crock pot meats left plus lots of beef bones,  packages of carcasses (we use these for broth but do pick the meat off the bones for salads and casseroles) and maybe a skinny duck or two.


Sunday – Oyster Stew

Monday – Bourbon Venison (based on this recipe)

Tuesday – Round Steak Italiano (based on this recipe)

Wednesday – Antelope Stew Meat Crock Pot Dish (from my eBook Design a Dish)

Thursday – Chicken Cobb Wraps (from my eBook Real Food Hits the Road)

Friday through Sunday – Camping up at our property. See paragraph above for food plans.

Planning a road trip? You’ll love my eBook Real Food Hits the Road. Whether you would like to prepare all of your meals yourself when away or just add in a few nutrient dense foods this eBook is for you.

Real Food Hits the Road

What’s on your menu this week?


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