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The last few weeks have been pretty busy and I’ve neglected sharing our menu plans. I’m still putting together a plan, scratched out on a slip of recycled paper or an old envelope. We’re being somewhat careful with our money right now since we’re building a cabin on our new property so the bulk of our meals are coming from our food storage (pantry and freezer) and what we produce ourselves, which at the moment is eggs, chicken, goat milk, and greens (salad and cooking) from the garden.

We should start getting more out of the garden soon but because of our summer construction plans we’re not planting too terribly much. Lots of greens, potatoes, beets, turnips, carrots and tomatoes. We do still pick up things from the market to supplement but mainly just fresh produce. Thanks to Kiki we also have quite a bit of fish in the freezer. She enjoys fishing (even bought her own canoe) and goes as often as she can.

Here’s a couple of pictures I took of last week’s meals.

Menu Week of June 8

We turned a big pot of black beans into several meals last week. These were simple tacos with stewed antelope and toppings.

Menu Week of June 8

We are getting anywhere from 12 to 18 eggs each day so we’re eating lots of eggs each week. Quinoa and black bean salad with deviled eggs was a tasty supper.

Menu Week of June 8


Salmon Curry with rice and spaghetti squash, green salad


Venison steaks, rice and quinoa pilaf, broccoli


Pan fried white beans and greens (based on this recipe) and poached eggs


Thai Duck Salad


Bean burgers, Cole slaw


Spicy North African Style Trout, basmati rice, green salad


White bean chili, corn bread


What’s on your menu?


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