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It’s been awhile since I’ve put up a menu plan post (or any post for that matter). I’m big on menu plans in order to help me keep organized and get nutrient dense, whole foods on the table but a couple of weeks in early March I was really WILD and didn’t do a menu plan at all. It’s a miracle we ate. With the way that I cook, planning and prep are sometimes necessary. I discovered that my short walk on the wild side didn’t work for me. So I’m back to menu planning (I plan an entire month at a time which helps with our food budget). I do not plan lunches during the week since it is just the baby and me at home and we either have leftovers or scrounge something up. The girls eat at school for ‘social reasons’ and Joe eats at the school where he works. Of course, after watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution I really wish they would all take a packed lunch. Eating at school is definitely a compromise situation.

Breakfast: Soaked Muffins and milk (easy breakfast before running out to church)
Lunch: Oeufs en Cocotte with Lox and fried mush
Dinner: Salmon (using this post from Ren as inspiration), Bulgar Pilaf, Spicy Lemon, High Enzyme Salad (variation) from Nourishing Traditions book

To Do: Soak enough black beans for this weeks planned overs, make broth

Breakfast: Toast with honey butter or peanut butter, sliced apples
Dinner: Black Bean Rice Bowls (black beans cooked in the crock pot with turkey broth instead of water, extra for Tuesday and Wednesday dinners), High Enzyme Salad (variation)

To Do: AM- start rice for dinner. PM- Start tortillas, soak oatmeal

Breakfast: Easy Soaked Oatmeal, sliced apples
Dinner: Burritos with black beans, rice and cheese, cortido

To Do: make yogurt and kefir cheeses

Breakfast: Yogurt Parfait
Dinner: Black Bean Patties, High Enzyme Salad (variation), leftover tortillas

To Do: Start crackers

Breakfast: Sourdough toast with kumquat marmalade yogurt cheese spread
Dinner: Fried Chicken Livers (recipe from Nourishing Traditions) and Fish Cakes (for those who do not care for liver, recipe from Nourishing Traditions), steamed broccoli with butter, Bulgar pilaf

To Do: Make Mother Earth Bread and sourdough crackers to take for Easter

Breakfast: Sourdough toast and fried eggs

After breakfast we will be leaving to visit Joe’s parents for Easter weekend. I’ll be taking bread, seasoned yogurt cheese, seasoned kefir cheese, sourdough crackers, items to make baked beans,items to make corn casserole and a jar of sauerkraut.

What’s on your menu for the week? For other menu plans visit Laura

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