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Brown Rice SushiI intended to post this menu plan this morning but I had computer troubles and an all around mess of a morning. My mess of a morning included not putting the meal I planned in the crock pot. When I returned home 7 hours later I realized my error. I quick thawed a pound of hamburger in water to ‘save the night’.  So what you see below is the updated menu plan showing the revisions after messing up the original menu plan. Got that? 😉

I’d love if you would share in the comments your favorite emergency meals for when you mess up your menu plan. 

I’m making pinto beans this week as our Stretchy Bean. It’s been awhile since we’ve had them. I also noticed that my freezer stash of already cooked beans is out. I’ll make extra pintos for the freezer. I’ll leave some whole to use in soups and dishes plus I’ll puree some so that it is ready for burrito style dishes.

It’s spring break week. My girls are out of school. My husband is working a day shift so he’ll be home around 5 each evening. I have several appointments in town this week.  Should be a fun week.


Menu Plan

Sunday- Taco de Lengua (we were supposed to have this on Saturday the 2nd but ended up having hamburger patties instead)

Monday- Skillet dinner featuring ground beef, carrots, cabbage, onions all in a cream sauce served over mashed potatoes

Tuesday- Crock pot antelope stew

Wednesday-Pinto beans, sauteed greens, rice

Thursday- Bean and cheese burritos

Friday- Navajo Tacos



Share your favorite emergency meals

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