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Homespun Oasis Menu Week of March 30


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Whew-eee. Cold, snow and wind is what we woke up to. Yesterday we were outside working in short sleeves! We were very happy for the beautiful day and I even was able to get our three cold frame boxes planted with early spring greens. Last night we had rain before it turned to snow so the extra moisture should water everything nicely and since it’s newly planted I’m not worried about the snow. They might be a little slow to germinate but that is okay.

This past week was busy with several exciting things going on. The top two items are Joe started a permaculture design certification course (I’ll be taking the course too but not for certification) and we’re making some big plan changes to the devolpment of our new property. I’m hopeful that we’ll know more about that in the next few days and I can give you the details. Let me just say, these changes are something we could only have dreamed about and are very exciting.

Something else very exciting. You may remember (because I’ve whined about it mentioned it several times) that back in December I broke my hand and also tore a tendon, some cartilage and bruised a couple of bones. At the same time I very mildly injured my shoulder. I’m happy to say that my hand is finally turning the corner and I’m getting some use bad. The shoulder injury is frustrating me a bit now since it causes muscle spasms and that really hurts. But overall, I’m soooo much better. I’m able to use a knife a little bit now. I’m very slow with it and can’t do much before it hurts but it is a huge improvement. I even made bread. It didn’t turn out very well since my kneading ability is rather pitiful but I’m still happy about it.  Soon I should once again be fully functioning. I have to tell you how wonderful my husband and children have been during this time. They have been a huge help.

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Sunday – Spaghetti squash or rice pasta (or both) with meat sauce, corn bread

Monday – Killer Fish Soup (based on this recipe), Cuban bread (recipe from The Complete Tightwad Gazette), green salad with lemon dressing

Tuesday – Sauerkraut and Bean Soup (recipe from Nourishing Traditions)

Wednesday –  BBQ Style Beans (use half pound ground beef and same other half for sloppy Joe dip on Friday), Cole slaw

Thursday – Quinoa and White Bean patties (loosely based on this recipe), green salad

Friday – Dips for Dinner: White bean hummus, salmon dip, sloppy Joe dip with crudites and toast points for dipping

Saturday – Leftovers

What’s on your menu?


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