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How are you doing with the time change? Springing forward an hour doesn’t seem like it should be a big deal but in some ways it is. We were starting to enjoy daylight coming earlier and doing morning chores in the light. This week Joe is working an earlier shift due to spring break for the schools so he was out in the dark again doing chores before he left.


My Peanut goat is expecting. She is getting quite large and when I was feeling her belly on Saturday I felt a little kick. It was pretty exciting! Last year, before we got her, she had quads. It was her first kidding. I hope she doesn’t have that many this time, since I understand that only three of the four survived.  She’s due in about a month so we’ll see then.

This last week had several challenges. I had a nerve conduction test done on Wednesday and WOW was that something. The strong jolts were like grabbing an electric fence. The first jolt was a surprise and almost sent me through the wall. I was sore for a couple of days after that. I’ll see the doc tomorrow (Tuesday) for the official results but the doctor doing the test indicated it wasn’t too bad. Likely I’ll just need more time for my hand to heal. I slipped on the ice December 8 so it has already been more than three months. I’m trying to be patient… My second challenge this week was staying semi grain-free. Over the last few weeks I’d been reintroducing a few things slowly without troubles but this week I pretty much ate whatever I wanted and I am paying for it. It turns out bread is not my friend (right now at least) and I really do need to avoid it or suffer the consequences; stomach ache, headache, mood swings and more.

My oldest girl is coming for a visit! She’ll be here with her fiance on Saturday. I was able to meet Aaron when I was in Oregon a few weeks ago but this will be the first time the rest of the family meets him.  We’re having a little engagement party on Saturday evening at a local restaurant.  My sister and her family will be coming down (they live a couple of hours away) and Aaron’s parents are also going to join us. They live out of state but Aaron’s grandma lives in Wyoming so they are visiting while Sierra and Aaron are in Wyoming.

My menu plan is a little loose this week. I should have picked up produce over the weekend but didn’t since I knew I’d be going in to town today (Monday) to do some filing and decided I could shop then. We still have a fair amount of antelope and venison in the freezer along with several of our barnyard ducks but only one chicken left. We do get beef monthly from our CSA but only 10 pounds so we do try to make that stretch. Last week I made a pot of white beans for the first time in several months (since I started doing a Paleo style elimination diet) and they were delicious. After lasts week’s dietary fiasco I’m going to hold off on having beans for a week or two. I didn’t notice any issues with them (I had them prior to my wheat binge) but want to make sure before making them a regular part of our diet.

Salad Dressing


Sunday – out

Monday – Indian Style Antelope (based on this recipe ), cauliflower rice, sauteed cabbage

Tuesday – Stroganoff style dish (made with the final jar of canned antelope/deer that we have in the pantry), sides to be determined

Wednesday – Chuck roast, sides to be determined

Thursday – Thai Style Salad (made with leftover roast)

Friday – Duck Stew

Saturday – Engagement party


What’s on your menu?

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