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I have been reading the book Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser. After watching Food, Inc a few times and reading this book I’m to the point of wondering what, if anything, we should be purchasing to eat from large commercial sources. I love what Annette at Sustainable Eats has done. She vowed to re-channel her grocery money away from mono-crop farmers, processed food companies and animal feed lots. She started her process January of 2009 and has done a wonderful job of finding local sources for the food for her family. Some of it she even produces herself. What she is doing is what I would like to do also. But I’m not quite ready to completely give up the grocery store. Maybe I’ll feel more inclined when something starts growing in my garden or the farmers market opens at the end of July. In the mean time, I’ll keep stalking Annette’s blog to see all the neat stuff she does and continue to look for alternative sources for things.

B- Fried Eggs
L- Burgers out
D- Crock pot Roast Beef (I do get beef locally from Bar Double L Beef), Mashed potatoes, sauerkraut

To do: start sourdough bread, soak oatmeal

B- Oatmeal, Apple slices
D- Chili Cheese Grits, cortido

To Do: AM- soak muffins, PM- bake bread, bake muffins, make dairy kefir
B- Muffins
D- Beef and Barley soup, Apple slices

To Do: AM- soak barley. Make kefir and yogurt cheeses (for crepes),

B- Toast with kumquat marmalade and yogurt cheese
D- Spinach Crepes Bernoise, Honey Glazed Carrots

To do: AM- start crepes, thaw chicken liver

B- Leftover crepes with cream cheese
D- Savory Custard (based on Acorn Squash Custard-scroll down to find recipe), Sauerkraut

To Do: start bread

B- Fried eggs and toast
D- Homemade pizza

To do: AM- start pizza dough. PM- Start muffins, make baked oatmeal

B- Baked Oatmeal, Muffins
L- Leftovers
D- Vegetable and Mussel Soup

What’s on your menu for the week? Find hundreds of menu ideas at MPM and if you link your own menu plan before Wednesday Laura will enter you in a drawing. Go check it out.

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