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Wow. What a week last week was. Joe has been working 10- 12 hour days while his co-worker is out on medical leave. When the weather permits I’m working on getting our garden ready. Speaking of weather, we’ve still been chilly here and had some snow last week with the possibility of snow this week. Mother’s Day was good and I had a bit of a surprise.

Last week I received a phone call from a reporter from our local paper. He had been given my name because of my involvement in the Wyoming Food Freedom act  and he wanted to interview me. I talked to him for about 45 minutes on Wednesday and at the end of the conversation he asked if he could bring a photographer to take pictures on Thursday. Talk about a surprise. Thursday morning they arrived around 9:30. Our weather was quite chilly and windy but the pictures were taken and we chatted for nearly an hour (until it started to hail on us). Friday he called with a few follow up questions and let me know that the article should run on Sunday. I was quite surprised on Sunday to find out that it ran ON THE FRONT PAGE! My little boy is adorable in the pictures. Overall, I thought the article was pretty good with just a few errors (you can read the article here). I do wish that he would have mentioned that I get local grass fed beef (from Bar Double L Beef) because we almost sound like vegetarians in the article. I also buy extra free range eggs because our 7 hens do not produce enough eggs for our needs (although it is very close and I’ll be decreasing the amount of eggs I buy this week) and the food supplier I use is a local distributor (K&S Organic Foods) that provides us with items from Azure Standard and a friend and I are putting together a free showing of the movie Food, Inc. (June 19th 1PM at Natrona County Public Library in the Crawford Room) but those things really were not the focus of the article so I understand them not being included. Plus it is amazing to me that he was able to condense 2+ hours of talking (interviewing) down to a few paragraphs and do a pretty accurate job of it.

This week will be busy again. Joe will continue with the long hours. With the end of the school year we have school things. Kiki has an Award Ceremony tonight and a choir concert on Thursday. Weather permitting, I’ll hopefully plant a few things in the garden. And this weekend we are going to our friends ranch for branding. It will be fun to get away.

Menu Week of May 9

B- Egg Sandwiches
L- Out for Mother’s Day
D- Leftovers

To do: Soak beans

B- Egg Sandwiches
D- Pinto Beans (crock pot), rice, High Enzyme Salad variation

To do: AM- put rice on to soak, 11am start beans in crock pot, start bread, start English Muffins, make yogurt, make mayonnaise

B- Butterscotch Oatmeal
D- Bean, rice and cheese burritos, carrot sticks, cortido

To do: AM- start tortillas to soak

B- Egg Sandwiches (on these English Muffins)
D- Navajo Tacos (using this recipe as a guide, soaking the fry bread dough and using home cooked beans)

To do: AM- start fry bread to soak, take antelope out of freezer for tomorrow, take fruit out of freezer for breakfast parfaits

B- Yogurt Parfait
D- Antelope Tips (crock pot) over baked potatoes, broccoli

To do: 10AM start crock pot

B- Fried eggs, apple slices
D- Salmon sandwiches, carrot sticks (we will be leaving after Joe gets off work to go to a friends house for the weekend)

At friends ranch for branding

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