Menu Week of November 24 ~ Thanksgiving

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turkey freedigitalphotos.netThanksgiving!

Last year at this time our kitchen was upside down in the process of getting a makeover. As a result we had our Thanksgiving meal at a local hotel that did a buffet. While the buffet was fine, it was certainly not the same as our usual at-home Thanksgivings. This year the kitchen is done (and I love it, check it out here) so we’ll be having our festivities at home. This year, will be very relaxed. In years past I’ve been known to go a little bit overboard with my meal planning and tried new, complicated dishes that took days to prepare. This year, we’re keeping it casual.

I’ll be busy with work the days leading up to Thanksgiving. I took a temporary virtual assistant job that starts on the day after Thanksgiving and runs until Monday (Black Friday to Cyber Monday) plus for two weeks, or so, after. Because I anticipate it being VERY busy at the temp job, I’ll do as much as my ‘regular’ VA work in advance. Many of the things that I do are done on a specific schedule but can be planned ahead so those will all be taken care of.  A few things I do on a daily basis (and can’t be done in advance) but those I’ll fit in around the temp work. This week is also payday for my bookkeeping  job (I do the payroll) and I’m having an end of the month special for my wrap business (you can learn more about my wrap business and specials on my business Facebook page, and be sure to take a look at my before and after while you’re there) plus the usual stuff around here, like milking goats, so it does promise to be a full week. Joe is off from Wednesday which will be wonderful.

On Sunday, Joe brought our garden stuff in out of the garage. We’ve had several very cold days and the things weren’t keeping warm enough. We found some frozen potatoes. 🙁 Some were still okay and he made those into hash for our lunch. Some were pretty water logged so they were cooked up for the chickens to enjoy. We didn’t lose many but it made us very away of our need for a root cellar at our new place. Everything will now move to a cold closed in our house. The closet isn’t really cold enough but will be a more even temperature than the garage. Joe also cooked up spaghetti squash and beets. Then I ‘shredded’ the squash and peeled the beets. Both will be enjoyed this week.


Sunday- Leftovers

Monday- Beet soup, rolls

Tuesday- Spaghetti squash with cream sauce and venison meatballs, sauteed cabbage

Wednesday – Stewed Duck, Chinese Style, sides to be determined

Thanksgiving – Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, pretzel salad, scalloped corn, rolls and dessert supplied by my daughter

Friday- Leftovers

Saturday- Leftovers


What’s on your menu?


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