Menu Week of October 19 and Budget Recap

I’m taking a hard look at what we spend on food during the month of October.  As of last Sunday we had spent $356 on food. I added $83. $61 of that was at Alberts*n’s and $22 was for burgers while we were out and about on Saturday. That will bring our new total for October to $439.

Now that we are a family of seven (Joe, me, my 19 year old daughter and her husband, my 14 year old daughter, 12 year old daughter and our baby boy) I’m running into a few food challenges. Angel and Ogre aren’t accustomed to the food we eat. They are still eating it but I’m not sure they like it. I was very good last week though and eased them into this; I didn’t make anything too weird like tongue or liver or heart.

Last weeks menu was changed slightly. I swapped a few of the days and Wednesday night instead of baked chicken I created a version of Hungarian Chicken over homemade noodles and this yummy custard (scroll down for recipe). Thursday night instead of bean patties we had elk chops. Lunches for Christopher and I were leftovers. Snacks was yogurt, leftovers, or peanut butter and apples.

Menu Week of October 19

B- Toast with peanut butter, apple slices
D- Antelope Pie (recipe here. Scroll down to page 78), coleslaw, cooked carrots

B- Yogurt with banana slices, toast
D- Beef and Vegetable Casserole, green salad

B- Oatmeal with milk and blueberries
D- Soup, stew or chili (I’m undecided at the moment) with rolls or biscuits

B- Broth with eggs, apple slices
D- German pancakes with fried potatoes

B- Muesli
D- Pizza Night

B- Cinnamon swirl bread with cream cheese
D- Roast Chicken with vegetables

B- Breakfast burritos with eggs, bacon, cheese, sour cream
D- White chili and corn bread

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  1. Cyn

    >I can only imagine the adjustment that they'll be making-I'm sure in the end they'll look back and chuckle, but it's still an adjustment.

    Have a great week!

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