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I have been tracking what we spend on food during the month of October.  As of last Sunday we had spent $439 on food for October. This week we added $173, for a new total of $612.

This week was pretty high for one main reason. It was my birthday over the weekend and on Thursday Joe asked if he could take us all out for dinner to this steak house that he heard about that was supposed to be terrific and had some month long specials going. On Friday night we went there. Joe was right. It was terrific. We had a wonderful meal and a very good time. That was $79 was 6 of us (plus the baby who shared my food). Not a bad price for a steak house and a special dinner. And on Saturday my sister, brother-in- law and niece came down and stayed over also to celebrate my birthday. That resulted in a few extras being purchased to feed all of us. The rest was spent on grocery store basics that we keep running out of and my cow share (for raw milk) was due.

Last weeks menu went pretty much as planned up until Thursday. That night I ended up working so I made a quick dinner of fried rice and egg flower soup (so good), Friday night we were out, and Sunday night Joe cooked us burgers. Lunches during the week were leftovers. For snacks we had smoothies, fruit and cheese, fruit and peanut butter, and cinnamon toast.

Menu Week of October 26


B- Toast with peanut butter, apple slices

D- Chicken and veggie casserole, green salad, pan bread


B- Oatmeal with apples

D- White chili, corn bread


B- Oatmeal with blueberries

D- Lentil and vegetable soup with dumplings, sourdough rolls


B- Muffins and smoothies

D- Creamed tuna and peas over rice, garlic bread, pickled vegetables


B- Eggs and toast, apple slices

D- Pizza Night

Weather permitting we will be leaving Saturday morning to visit Joe’s parents returning Sunday evening.

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