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This week started very fun! On Sunday Joe and I got up at 4AM to go archery deer hunting. Well, Joe was hunting I just went along. He took me to a place he had found while I was in Oregon. It is a little over an hour from home and absolutely beautiful there.  We took a few short hikes and had a terrific time.  Unfortunately, Joe didn’t fill his tag.  There is still quite a bit of season left so he’ll have more opportunities.  We took some snack style foods along with us thinking we’d be home around lunch time. But we ended up staying later and decided to eat at the only restaurant in the town near where we were.  It was actually very good and reasonably priced at $15 for both of us.  Dinner that night was up to each person (leftovers).

This will be a fairly full week. Joe’s parents are coming for a visit on Saturday so the house needs some attention.  I’m still getting caught up from being gone on household things and for my jobs. Monday will be my ‘big’ cooking day.  I need to make bread, a couple of soft cheeses, broth and several other things that escape my mind at the moment.

I share our dinner (evening meal) plans only. For breakfast we usually have something from this list. For lunch, Christopher and I have leftovers or something from this list. Joe and Kiki pack a lunch of leftovers, things to make a ‘lunchable‘ or something I make special for them (I’m not planning anything special this week).  Lulu eats lunch at school.

This week for our Stretchy Bean we are having black beans at Joe’s request.  For meat we have a nice big sirloin tip roast that was in my CSA package for August and the last pack of antelope from 2011. The sirloin tip will be dinner Monday plus go in lunches for a few days. The antelope will be just enough for our stuffed burritos on Wednesday with maybe leftovers for lunches.  I’m also making beef broth this week to cook the beans in and use as needed.

Monday– Herb rubbed sirloin tip roast (thanks to my friend Erin of Homestead Host for the suggestion), acorn squash, sauteed greens

TuesdayBlack beans and yellow rice

WednesdayStuffed Burritos with black beans, antelope steak and yellow rice

Thursday– Black bean breakfast tostado (tostado with scrambled eggs and black beans)

Friday– Black bean soup (from Nourishing Traditions), whatever else happens to be hanging out to go with it

Saturday– Out to celebrate grandpa’s birthday

What’s on your menu this week?

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