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Multnomah Falls Oregon

Multnomah Falls- Oregon 2012 Trip

This week I’ll be driving to Oregon and then working there.  Our little boy will be going along with me. I am very fortunate to have work that I can do from home most of the time and then when I do need to be on site (two or three times a year) my little boy is welcome also.

The drive from the middle of Wyoming to the Oregon coast is loooong. We’ll leave early Monday morning and get there about mid-afternoon on Tuesday. I’m packing up a cooler with food to take along. I’ll take ready to eat things for while we’re on the road and uncooked, frozen meats to cook when we get there. We’ll be staying in a studio apartment with a full kitchen which really helps with meals. I do need to plan ahead somewhat since the apartment is a good half hour from the nearest grocery store.  One time when we went I let our provisions get too low. I planned to shop the next day but my little boy ended up sick (with a fever) so we were stuck eating the food available at the gas station across the street. I won’t let that happen again! I’ll make sure to keep a few (well chosen) cans of food for emergencies.

While this week we’ll be in Oregon for work next week we’ll take a detour down to California to visit family before we drive back home. It is about a 500 mile detour but it has been a long while since we’ve seen everyone. I may or may not share our menu plan next week– it just depends on how organized I can be while away. 🙂

Joe and Kiki will be at home fending for themselves. I’m pretty sure they’ll be okay. Joe said he’ll be eating the little bit of game we have left in the freezer along with mixed greens from our garden (which is doing wonderfully well). I’ll take along some prepared items to enjoy the first few days, some frozen meats to cook later, fresh eggs and milk plus some pantry items.  We’ll stop in a town close to our destination to pick up a few extra things that we might need like fresh produce.

Here is my plan for this week away.

Monday and Tuesday (on the road)

Prepared things that we can eat along the way.

Cooked roast beef (I had a couple of super meaty soup bones that I cooked up in the crock pot)
Hard boiled eggs (Little Boy loves these)
Salad greens
Rice crackers

Tuesday Supper (we’ll be at our destination by this time, Lord willing)

I’ll take a pound of frozen hamburger. I’m thinking that this will end up being something like a taco salad with whatever salad greens remain. Taking the meat along frozen allows it to act as an ice pack and thaw as we go. This works pretty well. I’ll take along a bag that I pre-pack of taco seasoning to flavor the meat. I’ll also bring along a travel size salt and pepper.


Breakfast will most likely be cold oatmeal like this. It is one of my favorite breakfasts to have when on the road since it takes so little effort. I’ll take along milk, nuts and dried fruit to add to it.

A whole frozen chicken will go along in the cooler also. I’ll probably just cook the chicken on the stove top and then divide the meat up to use for chicken salad for lunch. For supper I’m thinking I’ll make a variation on Almond Butter and Tomato Chicken from Beyond Grain & Dairy by Starlene Stewart using the cooked chicken.


Almond Meal Pudding

Almond Meal Pudding

For breakfast I’ll take the ingredients to make Almond Meal Pudding

For lunch will have any leftovers that need to be used up.

Supper might be a Puttanesca Pasta. It’s one of the Emergency Meals I make sometimes and we love it. Plus the ingredients are shelf stable with is helpful when on the road.


Cold soaked oats again for breakfast

On this day we have a working lunch planned. Little Boy will have a ‘baby sitter’ on this day. I’ll either have leftovers for him or there is a chance he will join us for the ‘working lunch’.

Supper on this day will be on the late side. My oldest girl (who lives in Oregon) will drive out to visit for the weekend. She’ll have my 16 year old with her (she’s been in Oregon for a couple of weeks now with her dad).  I would like to make a somewhat nice supper for all of us but I’m not sure what it will be yet. I hope to have time to run into town to pick up groceries. There is a seafood market there that I’d love to shop at.


For breakfast I’ll prepack the ingredients for Coconut Flour Pancakes. I mix all of the dry ingredients in a baggie and then just add eggs and milk when ready to mix.

After this the menu plan is non-existent. I suspect we’ll have a meal out this day and something light for the other meal. We plan to spend the day in one of the beach towns and just enjoy our time.


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